Like Losing A Limb


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Scene Title Like Losing A Limb
Synopsis When Helena comes asking to setup a date and time for Elle's healing session, Abby tells her she can't heal anymore.
Date May 28, 2009

Village Renaissance Building

It's one big black beast that Abigail has with her. Big, hairy, big pink tongue that loll's. Messenger bag over her shoulder and filled with stuff she needed to pick up from her place and taking the time to do so when out taking Alicia for her morning constitutional like she promised she'd do for Joseph while he worked through his own ability issues.

Well, more like Alicia is taking Abigail for a walk. Out of the Village Renaissance she's going, turning left so she can start making her way back to Joseph's lodgings. Reunite dog with owner and see if he needs anything else before she's off to see Raquelle hopefully and assure him that the Pastor's doing fine. Then do some.. searching. Maybe in the hopes of finding whomever it was that screwed with her.

Ironically, the elevator doors of the lobby open with a ping and out steps Helena, who sees Abby's back. "Abby! Abby, wait up!" She jogs to come along the other girl's side, shoving a trucker cap down further on her head and sticking her hands in her pockets.

Easier said than done, the red head hauls back on the dog's collar enough to let her know that she needs the dog to stop. "Stop Alicia!" A glance back to Helena. "Were you upstairs looking for me? I didn't see a message on my phone…" And no one called up. "Helena meet Alicia, Alicia meet Helena, my friend" Because it's perfectly normal to introduce a dog to a human and vice versa. "How are you doing?"

Helena kneels, and offers Alicia her hand to sniff. "I know other people that live here." Helena says casually. "I knocked on your door but you had already left. I wanted to set up a good time and place for that person I'd asked you about."

'oh" There's something strange in Abby's eyes when helena reminds her. "About… that" The red heads hand comes down, sinking fingers deep into the black fur and giving the large breed some attention and reward for not jerking her forward yet.

Helena is also giving Alicia some love in the form of scratching her ears. "Oh, please don't tell me you've changed your mind." Helena says worriedly. "What's wrong, Abby? Maybe I can help?"

"No , no, I haven't changed my mind helena, I'd do it, you know i'd do it. I heal almost everyone and anything…" There's a glance to a bus stop seat and she gesture there, letting out the leash of the big so that she's not gonna wrestle with her.

"Hel.. I can't heal anymore. Since sunday. It's gone. Every last drop of it, the good lord's taken it away and given it to someone else"

"Taken it away?" Helena says in shock. Her eyes narrow, though in with any anger toward Abby. "By the good lord, do you mean Tyler Case?"

"That's what Richard said his name was. Red lightening, I know that much, I tried to turn and run but…" Abigail shook her head. "The other person I was with has been.. well, they have it and I don't rightly have a lick of anything. I haven't told anyone, well much of anyone" because she's ashamed and embarrassed. "But I can get you someone who can help you. I know another healer, he should by all rights, be able to do what I did, and i'm sure he'll keep quiet about it since he's not registered"

Helena shakes her head. "You're not the only one." she says, rising to stand. "He's targeted other people - we're trying to figure out what to do about him. Hopefully it'll include people getting their abilities back - if they want them." She admits gently, "I don't know how you feel about yours. And god yes, anything you can do. I'd like to meet him first, though? I trust you, but I want to know who we're dealing with."

"You know how I feel about mine Helena" Everyone by now should have some clue that she loves hers. "I know that he's done it to Gabriel, I think Eileen, and Gillian" But now add herself and Deckard to the list. "Just trying to get through this week, without it. Pastor Sumter believes the good Lord wouldn't take it away from me for long" Up Abigail moves too, promptly jerked forward By Alicia who thinks that really, this means time to walk. "Company's run into him too, though, they were a little surprised that he's.. around?" Abigail nods. 'Just, don't tell anyone Hel, that doesn't really need to know" She's trying to keep the large dog from running off with herself. "I healed Mr. Salucci Sunday. Over at the Hangar. He.. asked me if I could ever forgive him for what he did, and I said that I could. If I could forgive Gabriel Gray for what he did to me, that I could forgive him and …" And then that night, no ability.

"Who has your ability now?" Helena asks, concerned. "And hopefully the good lord will give us the means and opportunity to fix everyone. May I tell Cat? She's the one working with me on this thing with the girl we're trying to fix, and you know she can keep quiet. If not, I'll just tell her you're not available and that it's not something I can discuss."

"Not Cat please. She's.. She already visited me to try and talk about Frontline and endorsing it. I just.. The less people who know, the better. Really I'm.. I don't want.. fusses made, I just.. It's embarassing enough to be so… impotent and.. not able to help people like I do." SHe can't say worthless, Sonny already gave her that lecture and Joseph had said as much too. But whether to give Deckards name. Maybe it'll help, he can get his own gift back?

Abby's lips purse, running her hand through her red hair. "F.. Flint has it. here, can you take Alicia for a second and I'll get the business card out. His Name's Dr. Chuck pepper" Blue eyes glance up. "Yes, seriously, that's his name. He has a clinic in Little Italy called the scraped Knee's. I helped give him back his sight"

Helena takes the leash and holds the loop firmly while accepting the card. "Thank you." she says sincerely. "Can I tell him you sent me?"

"Yup, yes you can. I told him I might be sending folks his way.. permanently if.. things didn't right themselves. He's already helping Richard. I don't know what his standing deal would be but, at least you won't be left high and dry Hel" There it is, card passed over. "Careful he's a flirt. Jsut.. don't go.. bothering Flint about.. healing, unless it's necessary. He's trying to learn how to.. control it, so that he's not wearing himself out just by being awake" There's jealousy in the red heads eyes, though she's trying to keep it down, and out of her voice. She is not liking who has her gift. but then, there'd be very few people who she'd be fine with loosing it to.

Helena clutches the card tightly and offers the leash back. "God, Abby - I'm so sorry. In Moab, they drugged us to suppress us, and it - it's awful, like losing a limb." Helena suppresses the urge to hug the other girl. "I'll take one of the guys with me to go visit the man in case he gets any funny ideas."

That brings a hint of a smile as she takes the leash back and just wraps her arms around the other woman. "Worse than a limb. It's like.. god turned his back on me, even though I know he didn't Hel"

Helena is happy to hug Abby if it's permitted. "Yeah." she says in agreement of the assessment. "I'll let you know if we get a fix on the situation." She kisses Abby's cheek.

"Please" The former healer almost begs. "Anything. Teo knows, cause of Sal. Sal came and .. make sure I was okay and did all sorts of tests SO you can ask him, them, talk with them if you want. I should.. go. I need to get Alicia back to the Pastor and check on him" She pulls away from the hugs, unabashedly lingering for a few moments before taking the step back. 'Good luck with Chuck.

Helena nods. "Of course. I'll check up on you soon, Abby." With that, Helena retreats, her hand tight around the card and eyes full of sympathy.

"You have my number" Abby relies, digging her hands into her pockets and a clucking sound for Alicia to take off and the red head and the hairy bear start heading off away from the atmokinetic.

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