Like The Grim Reaper?


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Scene Title Like The Grim Reaper?
Synopsis Boy meets girl in a bar and asks her to help him find his way home.
Date August 12, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Ambient lighting blankets the establishment in a soft luminescence, glowing in tones of appealing orange from the front face of the bar and low hanging light fixtures overhead. Old style brick walls given the pub an appealing depth, reflecting the tone of lights in a more amber hue down upon the lengths of the polished, wooden floors. The bar counter of lacquered dark wood stretches along the northern wall, the forefront for shelves of numerous liquors and the substantially sized LCD televisions spaced liberally behind it. The screens flicker with the latest games and news as the labeled spirit bottles wink from lighted shelves with a beckon of their own. Barstools and high tables welcome tipsy patrons to their support, scattered with throughout the barroom with a few wedge into the darker, quieter, and more secretive recesses. Over the bar are a few banners of sports teams, most notably one of English football club Manchester United.

The thick wooden door to the west is fitted with a single neon sign sponsored by one of the brews on tap, glowing in the door's center window to shed its light onto the sidewalk outside and summoning in new customers when the bar is open for business.

Late evening and Biddy's is staying rather busy, considering it's a weekday. Loud rowdy group huddled around one of the tables shout out drink orders to a rather flustered blonde. One even reaches out to try and give her backside a pat, but she deftly avoids it.

"Okay boys.. What I go here is.. two pictures of beer and a round of shots?" She glances at each, with a flirty little smile, to make sure, before she turns to head for the bar. Leaning up against the bar she calls. "Mack.. Hey.. Got an order." She proceeds to rattle everything off, while glancing at the patrons sitting there.

Stepping in off the street, Grim's heavily treaded boots carry him across the floor of the pub towards the bar where he takes a seat and lifts his sunglasses up off the bridge of his nose and folds them, tucking them into the neck of his shirt. He turns and observes the goings on in the bar, his gaze shifting back and forth rapidly before settling on the woman calling out the orders. He smiles easily enough before turning to look up at the TV.

Her blue eyes meet the new arrivals only briefly, and Kaylee slants a lopsided smile his way. The tray she lays on the bar top is filled quickly and Kaylee hurries back out to deliver the orders. It's only a handful a minutes before she returns to drop into a empty stool next to Grim. "Come on Mack.. Let me off a few minutes early? Huh? Come on!" She gives Mack a look which is ignored mostly.

Mack does however sidle up to the bar to take Grim's order. "Your working your full shift tonight. You keep getting off early, I need you here." He flashes Grim that bartenders grin. "What can I get for ya?"

"Scotch and soda, easy on the soda, pebbles instead of rocks." Grim says expertly, surely no stranger to the bar scene in the least. He gives the bartender a nod before turning to look lopsidedly over at the waitress. "I remember when I waited tables for a year in college. I could have gnawed my own arm off some days." he says, attempting to sympathize with her and chuckles a little before looking over to examine the bar back.

Pouting just a touch, Kaylee gives a mild glare at Mack's back when he moves away to mix the mans drink. Glancing out of the corner of her eye at the stranger, she favors him an amused smirk. "That sounds about right. Wanting to gnaw my arm off." She looks thoughtful, "Yeah that's perfect." Her heads turns so that she can get a better look at him. "I'd rather be out at a club right about now, but nooooo.. I got to work." Seriously, she was ready to be off her grounding.

Grim does not look over immediately but nods slowly and finally turns his head. "Well… I always think that things stand in my way for a reason. In college I was all set to go to the party of the year. I mean, all the big houses on campus were going to be there. Only the hottest girls. I got delayed by a buddy needing some help moving a couch. Turned out though that one moron brought a roach to the party, an AP student called the cops and half the people at the party got booked." he recalls and chuckles lightly, shaking his head a little, tapping his fingers along the bar top.

Brows lifting, Kaylee turns in her seat to fully face the man, grin on her lips. "Seriously? That's a good bit of karma there. Even though it is a bit sad that you missed the party." Feet move to hook in the rungs of her chair as she studies him. "You new to town? I don't recognize you as a regular."

"New? No. Just new to the neighborhood and I need a new haunt. I used to know this good place on the upper east side, Malloy's. But I just sold my car and wanted to get a place closer to work." He explains easily enough, his shoulder shifting under his coat in a shrug as his drink finally arrives. He fishes into his pockets and withdraws a few Susan B. Anthony's and drops them onto the bar top as he takes his drink and sips at it initially before taking a longer drink and swallows, chewing on some of the ice.

Kaylee ahhs softly, leaning an against the bar, "So — " she starts with a touch more enthusiasm. "Does that mean we will be seeing more of you? Always up to new faces in the bar." her smile turns into a snug little smirk. "Makes the job a little less dull." She offers a hand to him. "My name is Kaylee. I work here more often then not anymore."

"Oh you'll undoubtedly be seeing a lot more of me." He says, giving a nod, seeming glad to be welcomed someplace new so readily. He turns and takes the offered hand firmly enough to shake it but gently enough to allow for her feminine nature. "Seth. But everyone just calls me Grim." he nods and takes another sip of his drink. "Speaking of seeing me more often, I lost bearings on the way here and could definitely use a guide back to 125th and Becker." he raises his brows, smiling easily.

"Grim?"That seems to amuse Kaylee to no end. "Like the Grim Reaper?" Her eyes glance to their hands and she chuckles. "Guess not though since we're touching and I'm still living." Gaze lifting again she gives him a bright smile. "Nice to meet you Seth… Grim." Her hand slips out of his and she looks thoughtful. "I think I can be of service there. Easy enough to guide you there." She twist a bout in her seat to look at the clock. "I can lead you there after my shift."

"Kind of like Grim Reaper, I guess. It is kind of a nickname but also short for my last name. Grimalkin." He explains and gives another light shrug, cocking his head a little to the side before he too glances up at the clock. "And when do you get off of your shift?" he asks.

Just as he asked the question though, Mack comes back down to their end of the bar and takes Kaylee's tray. "Alright. Get out of here before I give it a second thought. Go." he says, waving her away as he walks back down the other end of the bar once more.

"Oh.. about another…. hour…..?" Kaylee starts only to trail off as Mack approaches. "Seriously?" she calls after the man. She looks utterly surprised as she turns slowly back to Grim. "Well.. okay. I'm not going to argue with him." Her hands spread out before her in a small gesture, "Looks like you get your guide an hour early," her tone bright and cheerful. A glance goes to his drink and she smirks, "Well after your drink."

He picks up his drink and in one long gulp he downs his drink, tapping the glass on the wooden bar top and gives a wink as he slides back off his barstool. "Life is all about timing." he advises before he nods towards the door and begins to walk out, pulling the door open and holding it for her. "Thanks for showing a guy the way home. Promise it won't happen again."

"Sure seems like it, doesn't it. I like that.. 'Life is all about timing.' Sounds like a shirt slogan." Hopping off her own stool, Kaylee gives a lift of her shoulder and bright smile. "I don't mind helping out really. At least I'm not having to practically carry you out of here. Wouldn't believe how often I have to do that." Grabbing her leather jacket from one of the other girls that bring it out to her, Kaylee moves to step out into the darker outside world. Once outside, she stops and waits for him, slipping her jacket on.

Following her outside, Grim step to her side and begins to walk down the sidewalk the way he came. At least he seems to know from which direction he approached the bar. He looks ahead of them, somewhere in the distance, his jaw shifting a little as he reaches into his coat pocket and withdraws a pack of black-skinned krekets. Thumbing one out of the pack, he holds it between his lips as he pockets the pack once more and then takes his lighter out of light the kreket, taking a long drag before exhaling the sweet-smelling smoke. "Oh, I've had to shoulder my share of drunks. I know how you feel."

"Have you now? Last one was a co-worker. Bad bad break up." Kaylee carries on in light conversation with a little smirk, while working at the zipper of her jacket. "So, Grim. What do you do for a living. I mean, if it's not too personal." She glances back over her shoulder to the bar and adds, "Seems fair since you know what I do," she points out with a grin.

"That's a very good question." He says as he rolls the smoke to one side of his mouth and narrows his eyes a little in thought. He takes in a deep breath and sighs it out. "Currently I am self-employed for the most part. I do odd jobs here and there like… serve court papers to deadbeat dads and wife-beating husbands. The messier stuff that lawyers don't want to deal with. I also do some other side jobs such as working as a bail bondsman for bail bondsmen. When the criminals are just plain smarter or tougher than the law, I usually get a call at 3:00 AM." he says quietly and then looks over at her. "I kind of take whatever comes my way these days."

Her brows lift a bit, "Dead beat dads?" she repeats, making it more of a question. "I had one of those." A corner of her mouth tugs up into a smirk. Slipping her hands in the pockets of her coat she continues to walk along kind of guiding him along. "Never met him really." She glances over at him and grins. "Never will either. He was dead smack in the middle of Midtown when it exploded." her shoulders lifted in a shrug and she moves on, "So your a bit of a badass, huh?" she sounds rather impressed by that. "Kind of a bounty hunter?"

"Well, sorry for whatever part of you might have liked him." Grim says, knowing that no matter what a parent might do, the child still has some kind of connection. He looks over at her and frowns for a moment before his brows come up slightly. "Badass…" He repeats, the word seeming very lack-luster on his lips as he shakes his head slowly. "Six or seven years ago? I might have agreed with that sentiment. Now I'm just a drone that only knows how to do one thing, so I just keep doing it over and over and over. No real feeling about it either way. No reason. No rhyme. I just need to keep doing it and I have no idea why anymore." And his grass is so emo it cuts itself. "Suppose you could call me a bounty hunter, yeah."

"Still sounds a lot more exciting then waiting tables and dodging grabby, frat boy hands." Her tone sounds rather bland as if Kaylee wants to do more then that. She glances up as they pass under a tree, she does a little hop and snags a low leaf plucking it off a branch. "So what in the world could have made you so down?" The leaf twirls lazily in her fingers. "You, sir, sound like a man at the end of his rope," she declares, shaking the leaf at him, like she would her finger.

"That saying… 'at the end of your rope'. That can mean so very many things these days though the etymology of the saying come from a man being hung. He would drop a couple feet off a platform and the rope would snap the neck. If you are saying I am depressed or am about to suicide, you have it very, very wrong. Quite the opposite. Every reason in the world to keep on living." Grim says, he voice taking on a bit of a gravely tone as he continues on smoking, listening to their footfalls on the sidewalk. "But why am I going at life the way I am? Suppose I've seen just how low we humans can go, mucked the bottom of the barrel, I guess, and just did not like what I saw at all. I at least wanted to give myself the illusion that most people tried to be good or keep up a moral exterior. Instead the world is like how a sinking ship really is. No women and children first. It is every man for himself and if you have to trample someone to save your own skin, so be it."

"Wow… " Kaylee says, staring at him with a sort of awe. She suddenly chuckles. "You are really a low blow." She turns thoughtful, tapping the leaf against her cheek. "Is there anything good in your life? There has to be at least something," she seems convinced of this. "Something that makes you feel better around the big picture. Me it's helping those that have it crappy. I volunteer at the shelters now and then when I can. My employer keeps me busy." She rolls her eyes and fingers start shredding her leaf to pieces, "I can be a bit of a trouble maker and he seems to think he can keep me out of trouble, by keeping me busy." Her companion is flashed a big mischievous grin.

Grim thinks about this question for a minute before giving a shrug. "I got a goldfish that comes when I tap on his fishbowl. And every three weeks or so he goes belly up and I have to go down to the pet store to buy another one just like him and have to train him to come too when I tap." he does seem to give a lopsided smile at this and looks over at her as is to confirm that it is meant as a joke. Taking the kreket out of his mouth, he tosses it ahead of them onto the side walk and as he comes to it, he makes a point to step on it with his boots. "You don't seem like the type of person to allow someone to keep you down."

"Life is well…. it sucks." Kaylee states matter of factly as she slowly disassembles the leaf in her hand. "I've learned that being all depressed and blah about it doesn't work. And let me tell you.. I have seen some really emo people in my time working at the bar." Looking really amused with herself she add, "So I just end up with a smile. I dunno how to explain it." That little fact makes her frown a bit in thought cause she really doesn't know how to explain it.

He nods slowly as she continues to lead him along the streets until they finally come to the cross streets he had mentioned before. "Well, miss perky. Looks like you managed to get me back to my place. That's it over there. The townhouse with the red brick, white trim." he points out as he begins walking towards it. "C'mon. Let me thank you with a drink before you head to your party." he offers, crossing the street to the front steps.

The last of the leaf is tossed over her shoulder as she pauses at the curb. "That? That is your place?" Kaylee almost doesn't sound like she believes it. Realizing he's getting ahead of her, she hurries to catch up to him. "You have soda.. or tea?" She asks as she catchup, hands sliding into her pockets. "or water is good, maybe? I don't drink drink. Bad bender when I was a teenage."

"I got ginger ale." He admits as he climbs up the stairs to the rather nice three story townhouse and reaches into his pockets for the keys. Letting them in, he flips the switch beside the door which causes the entryway to light up. "C'mon in. Kitchen is straight ahead down the hall. Bathroom is second door on the right if you need it." he offers as he closes the door behind them and turns on lock. Shrugging out of his coat, he tosses it onto the coat rack beside the door and begins to walk towards the kitchen. Something is definitely off though. This place is immaculate. No boxes, no debris from moving in. Hell. It barely looks lived in at all. It's like a model or a new house that has never had residents at all. Like a house that has been staged. Just too perfect. Like something out of a Home and Garden magazine.

Glancing around slowly, Kaylee opts not to take off her coat as a sense of unease settles in the pit of her stomach. "How long have you been here?" She asks casually, keeping that small smile on her lips even though her whole body speaks of her being cautious. "And Ginder Ale is just fine, thanks. Alcohol makes me really sick. Hospitalized me once."

"Hmmm? Oh, I thought I'd said. Only been here a week or so. Finally got all the boxes put away today and felt bold enough to call the cleaners to help me tidy up. I told them I could only pay cash and in an hour they must have had ten or fifteen girls over here. They scrubbed the floors so hard, I'm surprised I have varnish left." A plausible explanation. He walks into the kitchen and steps over to the fridge to pull out a beer and the ginger ale. Taking a couple classes down from his cabinet, he puts some crushed ice in one glass and pours the ginger ale into it before handing it to her. "Allergic to hops or something then? Or yeast?"

"Not sure really.. any Alcohol does it." Kaylee responds still not able to shake that little bit of unease. "It's — a nice place." She comments softly, following him into the kitchen. Studying him for a moment, she suddenly reaches out to brush at his mind a quick scan of surface thoughts as she reaches for the glass, a smile on her lip. She hates doing it, but a part of her feels like she might be in danger. "Thanks ," she manages to sounds a bit shy, pulling he drink close and lifting it for a sip.

His surface thoughts could be either very humorous or very scary depending on how one looks at it as he seems to keep droning in his mind, 'Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem. Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem sempiternam.' At least when he is not mentally repeating what he just said. Somewhere in there, there seem to be some words beneath all that droning though it would probably taking delving further into his mind. "Not a problem." he says as he leans back against the counter and sips at his beer, turning his gaze from her to look about his kitchen a little. "I'm still amazed I was able to get this place. It's not a matter of money these days, it's just waiting for additional housing to come on the market."

Leaning her hip against the counter, Kaylee studies him thoughtfully. "It.. really is a great place a good find." A part of her wants to delve deeper, just knowing there is something under those confusing words makes her curious. It's risky though. "I just live in a crappy little apartment," she makes it sound like no big deal. "Nothing fancy, but I pay it with money I worked hard for. Not anything daddy left me."

"Well, if you every want to get out of where you are, this place as five beds in it and I'm going to end up renting four of them." He gives a shrug as he continues leaning against the sink, looking back at her and seeming to actually take her in for the first time, examining her a little more closely now that they are alone.

Kaylee turns her back to the counter and seems to study him in return, eyes traveling over him as if trying to figure him out… as if he's some great mystery. "Thanks, I'll keep that offer in mind." She takes a long drink of the ginger ale, before she asks. "Where did you move from? Anywhere nice? Me it was Kentucky," she seems to think of that fact as amusing. "I was born in New York though.. and my mom moved with me back to her home town in Kentucky. She couldn't exactly raise me on her own."

"Maine. Dad's just outside of Boston. Mom's no longer with us." There is a moment where all noise in his mind just stops but as he takes another drink of his beer and it picks right up again. Grim pushes off of the counter and beckons her after him into a room off the kitchen he is apparently using for a den or office. He walks over to the wall and nods at a plaque. "Dad wanted me to go to school where he taught, so I got a decent ride at Harvard. Studied and graduated with a law degree for all the good it does me now."

Taking her glass with her, Kaylee follows him into the den. She politely moves to stand next to him and look at the degree. "Wow." And she does sound impressed. "I'm going to NYU myself. I — haven't chosen a major yet. I just can't make up my mind. I'm suppose to decide this year, but… I'm at a loss." Her eyes scan over the degree as she continues, "So since I can't decide and I'm going to be going away on a business trip soon, well I took this semester off." she turns her head enough to glance at him out of the corner of her eye.

If he thinks something is off about her trip, he certainly does not show it. In fact… "Good for you. I know I needed to take a year off after I got out of high school to figure a few things out. And then I did that study abroad that was rather enlightening. Those kind of trips really make you sit up and think about your life." he says approvingly as he steps back and sits on the edge of his desk. "Just going to wander or did you have a particular destination in mind?"

"It's a group of us, including my boss. He —" Kaylee turns to face the man as he moves, "We're kinda going all over the states meeting up with some colleague. Business and all. Not sure beyond that." Fingers lightly tap on the side of her glass. "A couple weeks I think. Maybe more. Should be fun." she smiles a bit,"Never done any traveling in this great country."

"Oh. So what is the trip for then? Some kind of series of beer, alcohol, and bar conventions? Training seminars or something?" He asks, setting his empty glass aside as he empties his beer. "You don't exactly seem excited about it. And… strange way to talk about a road trip." he comments, definitely seeming curious now. But he's an investigator of sorts, isn't it?

Kaylee tsks softly, "That I can't tell you. You know how business can be." She says with a soft chuckle. "And no… I'm excited. Trust me. I'm getting to travel, but it is for important business." She shrugs and moves to set her own glass down on the desk. "Probably nothing but boring board meeting and talks of acquisitions and such." She glances at him and studies his face for a moment. "So… I am come out and just ask…." She gives him an amused smile as she turns to face him, a hip resting against his desk. "Single?"

He notices the drastic change of subject but does not object to it. Even though a bar maid will supposedly be sitting in on board meetings and acquisition talks. Yeah. That makes sense. He is not buying that bridge. Grim moves with the change of subject though and cannot help but chuckle at the boldness of the question. "Temporarily…" he says, looking down at her hips as it rests against his desk and then back up at her. "I've been told I need someone to keep me warm or I will freeze over solid and go the way of the Tin Man. Want defroster job?" he asks with a slow chuckle.

"Really?" Kaylee asks with a sky little smile. She turns where she can, with a little hop, sit on the desk next to him. She seems like she's seriously thinking about it, "I dunno, Grim… I'm a hard sell." She gives him another look over. "Besides, I only just met you. You might be more trouble then your worth."

"Might be? Oh no. I /know/ I am more trouble than I am worth but you do not seem like the type of girl that would shrink from a guy who is trouble." Grim notes, raising a brow, throwing down the proverbial gauntlet. "Besides. It's too late for you to go home or even to a club on your own. I'd have to pull my bike out of the garage and give you a ride and… I have a few of my old college jersey's upstairs." Now who could resist a veiled offer like that?

Sliding off the desk, Kaylee chuckles softly, "Oh, I imagine I can still get home just fine." Her eyes travel slowly down his form relaxing there, and then back up again. "And your right. I wouldn't shrink from a man who's trouble." A hand reaches up to brush her cheek, a light scar there. "But I also don't just sleep with a man when I first meet him." She gives him a pointed look, that smile still there. "Like I said…" she leans close and whispers, "I'm a hard sell."

"Yeah? Even if I throw in the most amazing breakfast you have ever had?" Grim asks, definitely seeming quite confident that he could achieve such a feat but he slowly pushes up off his desk and leads the way back out to his foyer, though he does pause near the stairwell, leaning against the banister. "My finally offer. Promise you that you will never feel safer or more relaxed." he says and slowly the house seems to grow warmer, more cozy and inviting, like a safe haven from the cold, cruel and noisy world outside.

Kaylee actually seems to flounder a bit as her hand touches the door handle. She does feel safer in this house with him, maybe…. She glances back to him and slowly her hand slides off the door handle so that she can approach him. She moves close so that their bodies are almost touching, her head tilted back a touch so that she can look him in the eyes. As she does, she sends her mind deeper into his , trying to find anything that would tell her she should walk out that door right now. "How would I feel safer, with a man I just met?" she says softly, a brow arches.

His intentions are rather pure in the male sense, but there is also something incredibly protective in his nature that would hate to see her go out at night alone. At the forefront of his mind is the picture of her in one of his old football jersey. Sure he didn't really take it seriously, only playing one year, but girls sure seemed to like using them at night shirts. And he definitely seems to be telling the truth about the fact that he intends to make breakfast for her. "Believe me in saying that you are safer with this man that you just met than 99 percent of the population outside that door." he says, looking at her and holding his gaze on her evenly and unwaveringly.

It's hard to know where the amusement comes from, but Kaylee looks very amused. She doesn't answer right away, but she does hold his gaze in return for a long moment. She finds him odd and she's curious about him. Her curiosity being the one thing always getting her into trouble. Finally, she whispers, "The moment I think I'm in any danger. I will mess you up." The blond telepath looks deadly serious as she says that.

"Likewise." Grim says, definitely seeming to take the threat seriously as he gives a nods and gestures towards the stairs. "Shall we?" he asks as he moves around her and begins to move up the stairs, keeping his hand on the banister as he goes. "Just try to give me a little warning that I am doing something wrong /before/ you kick my ass, hmm?" he glances over his shoulder at her and shows her into what definitely serves as the master bedroom, done rather tastefully but still in that staged, Martha Steward meets Home and Garden style. A man living on his own just should not be able to pull this kind of taste off. He walks in to the dim of the room and reaches out to a candle. He snaps his finger next to the wick and the tip of his index finger lights on fire and with it he lights the candle. Closing his hand, the fire goes out in a blue little guttering flame.

Pulling her jacket off finally, Kaylee hangs it with his, before following him up the stairs. "But then… that would ruin the surprise, " she teases lightly. "And with someone like you, I imagine I need an edge." Reaching the landing, she steps into the doorway of the master bedroom in time to see him light the flame. Her brows lift high on her head with surprise. "Your.. evolved?" She asks softly.

"Only slightly. I hope that isn't a problem." He says, taking the whole thing in stride as he picks up the candle and moves to light a few more around the room to dimly light the room and cast a soft glow about. "It's okay. I know enough to control it and I have yet to ever harm anyone with it. I seem to be able to bend it around people if I need." That's more than enough control, certainly. He finally comes back to her and rests his hands on her hips. "Not put off, are you?"

"Huh?" Kaylee pulls her attention away from the candle to the man holding it. "Huh? No no.. not at all." She smiles a bit. "I'm — evolved too." She offers with a small smile. "I'd tell you, but it might get me thrown out of the house, " she makes it sound like a tease. She catches her bottom lip in her teeth as he approaches. Her hands move to rest on his chest.

"I kind of had a feeling. Felt like a dance we were doing all evening instead of having a conversation…" Grim says quietly as he moves his hands around her back and begins to run his hands up under the flannel shirt that she wears so that his hands are able to brush along the small of her back and draw her a little closer to himself. "Go on now. I'm not going to throw you out of the house. What can you do?" he asks as he leans his head down and begins to press tentative and testing kisses against her cheek and her neck.

Her body seems to mold against his as he pulls Kaylee in close, her head tilting a bit to invite the kissing. She still seems so very reluctant, so much so it makes her nervous. Licking her lips she takes a deep breath, letting her eyes drift closed. "I'm — a telepath." Those words are whispered softly, and she waits with closed eyes for the reaction she knows could come.

What surface thoughts could be read easily suddenly go perfectly silent out of reflex though he does not stop what he is doing, continuing to hold her, kiss her. It would take delving deeper to get anything from him for now. He leans back, nodding slowly as he combs a lock of her hair back over her ear. "Don't be offended then. I just have several clients that would rather keep below the radar and would feel it a violation of their privacy if I did not at least try to protect them." he says reasonably though does not seem to be put off by her ability. He leans down and scoops her up, turning and settling her down on top of the comforter.

Blue eyes fly open and she stares at him, Kaylee is completely surprised. Obviously, she is not use to reasonable. "Normally, I get cussed at and told to say out of their fucking head." She gives a soft chuckle as he scoops her up in his arms. "Don't worry, I don't make it a habit to read peoples minds, "

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