Lines In The Sand


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Scene Title Lines In The Sand
Synopsis Cardinal informs Teo that he is making a terrible mistake. Well— another one. Hana raises a monolithic electronic eyebrow. Loyalties come to question, and Logan's safety net thins.
Date July 2, 2009


A message goes out, bouncing across cell phone towers to the Ghost's phone, causing it to bleep its tone out. Once opened, the text message from Cardinal comes across.

Cardinal: u still with john?

It takes the ghost a few minutes to reply, mostly because the answer is Yes, and really, eavesdroppers wouldn't come in handy.

Aside of the one woman, most inherently obvious.

Teo: Yes, but not for long. Why?

Cardinal: he shot abby. again. deckard fixed her up. had to dig a bullet out first. no anesth.

This time, the quiet is probably the thinking sort.

Or disbelief, incredulity, suspicion. Ninjas, you know; if he didn't understand psychological warfare, he would have been in a different line of work.

Teo: Abby doesn't come to the Rookery. Ever.

Cardinal: she thought she was safe. wrong. great job protecting him. wouldve killed him but you carried him off. bastard. dont believe me call urself

Teo: I believe you. I figure, if you were lying, you wouldn't be typing in all capitalized letters.
Teo: Grazie, I take my job seriously.

Cardinal: unfeeling bastard.
Cardinal: bebe with u all?

Teo: But if you keep insulting my heart, it will break.
Teo: Yes. She's pretty fucked up. Lucky for her, Logan has a healer.
Teo: Did you get feelings on her too?

Cardinal: yeah. lucky for her. im sure shell be happy, back with john. she won't have any choice in the matter.
Cardinal: wtf are you -doing- with him?

K.Apila: Good question.

Teo: Don't get your panties in a twist, Dick. Right now, I'm thinking about adding something to the bullet in his shoulder. It looks very small. Possibly lonely.
Teo: I'm watching him. There are people he knows I need to find out about.
Teo: Bijou will have a choice.
Teo: Wireless.

Cardinal: and hes the only one who can find out? have u thought about asking
Cardinal: wtf?

K.Apila: If you prefer.

Teo: I don't need to ask, and Logan isn't going to find out jack shit.
Teo: I'm not sure you're aware of this, but I have superpowers. Also, a longer view than you care for. Give it 10 years. This isn't surefire, just a valid investment.
Teo: Don't tell me you've never stolen, killed, or laid a hand on a woman who didn't want it, Richard. Let's keep it personal.
Teo: Be polite.

That lattermost remark was self-evidently not instruction as to the proper handling of himself or John Logan.

Cardinal: i have lines i wont cross. so did u, once. used to care who hurt ur friends too.
Cardinal: wireless. liz mentioned u.

K.Apila: Laudani, I can't decide if you're too good a student, or a damn poor one.
K.Apila: Or if Bennet got ahold of you somewhere along the line.
K.Apila: I can't say the same, Cardinal. I do, however, know of you.

Teo: Time should tell, Wireless. I'm going to be here for a few hours yet. Long enough to make mistakes.
Teo: I have lines.

Cardinal: this conversation isnt over, teo. after arthur, will finish it. assuming were both alive.

K.Apila: Won't be here to haul you out of the ocean again, if you do.

Teo: Good assumption, D. Saved you once, didn't I?
Teo: Not because you didn't try, Wireless.

Cardinal: nvrmind. u dont listen. nvr did.
Cardinal: got a friend to bury. ciao.

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