Little Red Hearts


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Scene Title Little Red Hearts
Synopsis Cardinal comes to get Abby out of town and Claire comes to get some help. Deckard comes to give that help. Little red hearts? That's what claire's underwear is decorated with, which everyone gets to see.
Date July 21, 2009

Abigail & Leonard's Apartment

An average middle class apartment, it's populated with decidedly not middle class furniture. A solitary red suede couch occupies the immediate living room, with a battered coffee table and side tables as it's companion. A decent sized TV sits on a cupboard with a stereo, DVD player. The kitchen sports a relic from the 70's, with matching chairs that still seem to be in decent condition. The two bedrooms off the hall are distinguishable from the other, one bearing a gold cross nailed above the door, the other not.

In the corner of the living room is an ornate cage on a bird stand, a blue budgie within it's depths. In another corner is a massive cat tree house, and often occupied by a black cat with a red suede collar. It looks barely lived in, like the owners are not yet investing their effort quite yet to move in.

Just outside the apartment's door, Cardinal hesitates— and then raises his hand upwards, knuckles rapping sharply against the wooded exterior. There's a small logo-covered envelope in his hand, and he raps it against his wrist a bit as he waits for an answer, glancing down the hallway and then back to it again.

He's caught her between classes and errands. Abby's getting stuff ready for dinner later so she can just pop it in the oven or leo can. A plan to check in on Claire later, on Niki next door and the bar. The door though, with lack of buzzing up means that its someone on the list or it's someone from upstairs. "Coming!" Skirt, tank top, flip flops. Little gold cross ever present. Hair is pulled back on the side by a honest to god flower. She looks almost normal as she opens the door. "Richard!"

On the other hand, he looks like hell. Not injured, no, just tired and scruffy. "Hey, Abs," Richard greets with a wry smile, chin tipping in a nod up to her, "Mind if a wanted felon comes in? I doubt the owner wants me lingering around her halls where people could see me."

"Owner can stuff herself, your my friend. Besides mike comes around often enough. Come in. Lemme make you a sandwhich" There's no if's, ands or buts to that as he's yanked in, concern painting her face.

"Mike." A rough snort of breath from Richard as he walks in, "The man can't come up with an alias to save his fuckin' life, I swear to God. Sorry, language." The last is automatic as he takes the Lord's name in vain, walking in and offering the envelope over as he walks past, "Here."

"What's this?" The envelope taken as the door closes, she is very capable of multitasking. "A gift?" Why on earth was he giving her a gift. The sole slapping sound of her shoes carry her across to the kitchen as she opens the envelope. The flip flop sounds cease and she turns to face him. "Why? Whats happening?"

"Arthur." Cardinal stops just beside the birdcage, smiling faintly at the avian trapped within its fine bars, hands clasping at the small of his back, "And… if things go badly, there's— it's going to be bad. A quarter million people. It— " He cuts himself off, eyes closing as he says more quietly, "Just take a week or two out've town, Abs."

"That phonecall" Abby murmurs, remebering it well. When he asked her that very moral question. "You're sending me home"

"It's a round trip ticket." Of course, the trip back isn't for a little bit. Cardinal glances back over his shoulder, watching her for a moment before suggesting, "You need a vacation anyway."

"My classes richard. Lordy take me to heaven, It's as bad as if I still had healing. And Victor, how am I going to explain this to Victor? I should tell him to get out of town too" Which is to say, that Abby's nodding, tucking the ticket back. "How bad? Affect the city physically or.. just the people?"

"I don't know," admits Cardinal, though it galls him to say so; a tight shake of his head as he turns fully back to her, sweeping one hand to one side, "Edward— doesn't think small. He thinks big. If things don't go just right… I can't save the city, but I can at least get some've my friends the fuck out."

Abby did the same thing, months ago. She looks at the tickets again, a raise of blonde brows. "Flight out in the morning Richard, you don't leave me much time to pack. Come on, way from Pila, before you endure her wrath. I'm going to give you a good last supper then. Errands can wait"

Cardinal's lips twitch in a faint smile, and he looks back at the budgie. "Us birds stick together," he notes, before turning to walk over towards the kitchen with a shake of his head and a faint chuckle, "You've been stressed lately anyway. Hell, maybe your friend can hop a flight with you."

"Maybe. He's a cop now, he can't just up and bail" Not like her. "I'll tell him to get off the island at least, stick close to home if Gillian hasn't told him yet" She looks over. "Dating Gillian's brother. Victor" She sets about to putting pots on the stove instead of parking them in the fridge like she'd intended. "I'll go Richard. If only so I can come back and drag your corpse to Flint. He's headed out of town too"

"The old man? He's…" Pause. Rewind. Oh, right, he's.. going.. out of town. Quick, change the subject! Cardinal scratches at the side of his neck, leaning his shoulder on the entrance into the kitchen, "…you know Gillian? I ran into her downstairs, apparently she was dreaming about me."

Abigail is oblivious at times, not so at this moment. The wooden spoon in her hand is smacked against the cupboard and she sets in to stirring with a sigh. "Fucker"

But she'll leave that be. "i've met her a few times. She and I took out Kazimir Volken on the bridge. She augmented my ability, made it feasible" Dreaming about Cardinal. "Must have picked up that abilty from someone. She got switched out by Case"

"Yeah, she's got that… mimicry thing, now," Cardinal admits from his comfortable lean, scratching behind his ear for a moment as he pointedly doesn't comment on the other matter. She can give Deckard an earful later! He drops his hand down to his arm, head shaking slowly, "She seems cool. Cute. Apparently Brian's sister…"

"Yeah. Careful of that Brian okay?" She won't say why, just to be careful. "She formerly Augmented abilities. She didn't get mine before I lost it. It's shepards pie, only without the baking it all in the oven, you okay with that? Made with love even"

The knock on Abby's door is soft, barely heard. It's about the best the Claire can manage. Again she had been totally wrong that things couldn't get worse. Her forehead pressed against the door jam, feeling the cool wood against her skin, she lifts a shaking hand to knock again. Her whole body just feels incredibly weak, shaking with chills, it took everything to come down to the former healers apartment. She didn't even bother with her comforter, it was too hard to hold it for a long period of time. One her feet were still the fuzzy bunny slippers, so very soft and warm on her feet, while she was feeling so very cold.

What worries Claire the most is the rattling she hears in her chest every time she breaths, just thinking about it sends her into a fit of coughs making her sag against to door jam. Damn this cold. Of course, it's not just a simple cold anymore… It's gone further then she expected and most of it just in the last day.

One more try.. Claire takes a deep rattling breath and holds it as she moves to knock on the door again, this time harder. Maybe she'd sit down while she waits? No.. if she sits down, she's not sure she can get up again.

"I will." Nor is there an explaination or question for that from him, the understanding silent between them. The follow-up inquiry and its chaser brings a smile curving to Cardinal's lips, then, and his head dips in an easy nod. "Sounds good to me," he admits, "I've mostly been subsisting on chinese, lately, and the occasional Taco Bell."

At the knock on the door, he slants a look back over his shoulder towards it, straightening a bit before sending a questioning look towards Abigail. It's a look of the 'you want I should vanish out a window' variety.

She was going to ask then, if he's seen Xiulan again, but the knock on her door again, means another visitor. Abigail shakes her head no to the criminal avian. "Stay, someone friendly. Or they'd have buzzed up" And Abigail's peering through the door. Claire's too short for the peephole. But a peek through the door when she unlocks all but the night latch shows a different story. "Richard. It's Claire, can you come pick her up? Heavenly lord, girl, you look like death warmed over fifty million times" as she eases the door open, careful when the teenagers weight is on it so she uses it to support her till Richard can get over.

She has to swollow to clear the crude out her mouth, and lick dry lips before she manages to offer Abby a smile. "Hey." The word is shaky and she has to turn her head away quickly as it starts her coughing. The quick movement makes her unbalance and she make a grab for the door jam. The cough sound bad, deep and wet.. and she can't seem to get a breath in for a long moment, which makes her start to slide down the door jam — The floor looks so nice and comfy. By time she's kneeling on the floor, the spell has passed and she's left gasping like a fish and shaking badly.

"Who?" Hey, Cardinal doesn't know absolutely everyone in the city of importance, just a decent percentage of them. He pushes out of the kitchen to walk along over, his brow furrowing as he reaches down to try and slide an arm under the girl's own arm and pull her up, grunting, "Up with you. You look like hell, girl."

"Claire, She's Noah Bennet's daughter. She was staying up stairs. Sweet heavenly. Claire. That's it, I'm calling flint. I don't care whether you like it or not. You sound like walking pneumonia" Abigail upset, not at Claire but the situation. "Put her in my room, I'll get some cool clothes Richard. Claire, Richard, Richard, Claire"

Resting her head against the door jam, Claire seems rather happy to relax there kind of… drifting. Then someone touches her and she starts out of her dreamy haze with a gasp. Her intent is to brush the hand away, but it just doesn't happen. Instead her hand grips at the arm holding her own as she is pulled up. She clings to that arm, pressing her forehead against it as she concentrates on getting her feet under her. She practically radiates heat, her whole body shake with chills… her fever is raging just that bad.

Feet under her, her head half rolls as it drops back, so that she can look at him. "Who the hell are you?" Her brown hair clings to her damp face and her eyes seem almost sunken on her face, the skin around it dark. She frowns at him for a moment till she hears Abigail's intro, then she offers him a small half smile. "Hey. Sorry. I'd shake your hand.. but…" Another coughing fit hits, her shoulder jerk with her attempt not to cough on him. Her fingers ding into his arm as she tries to control it and to not fall as her leg feel like they are going to give out. Finally, gasps she leans against him, "Sorry.." She murmurs looking embarrassed by her current state.

"Who?" Hey, is there an echo in here? The thief's arm slides about her upper body, fingers remaining gentlemanly in where they rest, at least as gentlemanly as someone who's hauling a teenager up to her feet and helping her across the room towards the bedroom one slow step at a time. "Easy does it, girl," he murmurs to her, "Just one… step at a time, take your time with it…"

Scratch that. "No bedroom, Bathroom, strip her down to her underwear" Preserve Claire's dignity, Abby wouldn't want to be naked in front of another man. "Run like cool water, not cold, i'll get ice… Flint?" Oh thank god. Abby's fetching ice packs from the freezer and the bin of ice cubes, then the trays, balancing them all while a phone is pinned to her ear. Elements on the stove long since turned off. "I need you at my place. Claire's really bad off, and it's beyond drugs and what not now"

Claire's head falls forward weakly so that she can stare intently at the floor and those really cute fuzzy bunny slippers. "Oh hey… The noses are pink," she murmur to herself. How did she miss that? Oh wait, she's suppose to be walking. Her eyes narrow as she concentrates on putting one foot in front of the other.

Of course she's not so far gone that she doesn't hear Abby. Her head comes up and her eyes are wide with shock. "WHAT?!" There is suddenly a need to get distance between her and this …this… stranger! "I am not getting half naked in front of him." She says sounding rather indignant, and she pushes away from him trying to stand on her own. The suddenly straightening makes her sway in place, the world twisting… Oh, not good.

Claire seems to be able to move under her own power, but only because she is making a scramble for the toilet. She stumbles into the bathroom, crawling the last few inches to the toilet. Between the vertigo and the heat of her fever, Claire throws up. Luckily there is nothing to throw up. The bad thing about being really sick, your forget about the important things.

The reaction of the man that's carrying the former regenerator over towards the door is pretty much just the same as hers, as Cardinal's head jerks up to blink nonplussed after Abigail, "…you want me to what?" Well, hey, she is kind of cute. Maybe under that—

Then she's pushing away, and he doesn't catch her before she's shoved him off and stumbled towards the bathroom, wincing in sympathy at the sound of the dry heaves. Alright, vomiting isn't particularly sexy.

"See you in a few then" And the phone is let drop to the floor, it will disconnect on it's own eventually. "Claire, you don't get a say in the matter" She channels Momma Beauchamp, following in behind cardinal. "You long lost a say when you hid this from everyone and from me, just how bad it was. Richard, get her stripped. I'm the one going to school for medicine, therefore what I say. Goes. Flint will be here in a few moments." Ice and everything abandoned into the sink, Abigail's waiting till the heaves are over before starting to help.

There is a groan as Claire's stomach finally stops punishing her. Pulling away from the toilet slowly, she moves to turn so that she can drop to her butt and lean back against the tub. Eyes drop closes as she tries to rid herself the taste of bile, by swallowing. "Not getting naked in front of him." She manages before she gives a couple of short coughs. She's not in a position to resist anymore, she can't even make her legs work at the moment. So she can only protest and complain as she manhandled, punctuated with that wracking cough which doubles her over.

Hey, it's what the doctor ordered! Oh no, he's going to have to see a hot teenaged brunette half-naked. Whatever will he do?
"You're really good at helpin' a guy's ego," Cardinal notes rather dryly as he steps into the bathroom's doorway, a hand resting on the door's edge, "Think you can get undressed by yourself, then, babe? Trust me, the last thing I'm thinking about now is what you look like— the whole vomiting thing? Yeah. Not attractive."

Abigail's not caring a whit. "I'd let him see me naked if it would make me feel better. Claire, your burning up so shut your mouth and at least i'll let you stay in your underwear!" The cold water is already being run, with just enough hot to cut it to tepid. If they //just/ tossed claire in, then they'd have a seizing claire on their hands likely. Flint could walk in, he has a key, so Abigail's not worried on that front. 'Richard is honerable, and your not in a position to complain" Boy, Abby's momma would be so proud.

Claire actually manages to muster up the ability to glare at Cardinal, it's a miracle. She starts to say something, but then Abigail tries to be reassuring. Her blue eyes go back to Cardinal and she gives him a once over. "Honorable?" She asks, not sure she believes it.. plus she's feeling rather cranky.

Another coughing attack hits her, this one rougher, she reaches wildly with a hand for Abigail, looking for something to cling too. This one shakes her whole body, her vision actually blackens at the edges. When she can breath she gasps out a, "Oh god.. make it stop." There is actually tears in her eyes by time she's done coughing.

That seems to have taking any argument out of her and, with a sniffle, she motions Cardinal over. Though she sways dangrously, she works to get her knees so that she can try to pull her sweatshirt off, good thing she's modest enough to wear a bra all the time. And she's thinking just that as she struggles to get her arms to work.

Honorable? Cardinal slants a rather dubious look over to Abigail as well, as if he doesn't entirely believe her either. Certainly his criminal record would disagree, although it's not as if there's any sex crimes on there or anything. As Claire breaks into another series of hacking coughs, though, he steps over with a grimace to reach down and take hold of the sweatshirt's sleeves, helping drag it up and over her head.

"C'mon, off with the clothes, babe," he mutters, slanting a look over to Abby, "What's wrong with her? OD?"

"Helps coming Claire, I promise. Flint will be here soon" The southerner soothe, her hand there, support and all southern comfort. "The bath will feel REALLY good, I promise" The look shared with Richard. "She's a regenerator. Arthur took her ability. She got a cold off someone and she hurt her hand" Abby looks back to Claire, the water filling the tub, stopper in. "I don't' think she's got a good immune system. Everything we've been exposed to, I guess, her body wasn't, I dunno. I'm not in that kind of medical classes" Satisfied that the girl is halfway there, she motions to the bottom of the sweats. "Legs Claire. Come on. Flint will get here, we'll see what he can do"

There's no sound to announce Deckard's presence in the apartment. No knock, no tell-tale click of metal against metal or footsteps tracking heavy across the floor. One second there are two people watching Claire undress — the next there are three: the third tall and lean in a black overcoat over a t-shirt and jeans, grizzled and unshaven. His initial expression is one of chilly-eyed bafflement, the overall dumbness of this effect enhanced by the way the close sheer of his hair makes his overlarge ears jut on either side of his long face.

Just behind Abby's shoulder, mild interest is slower to follow in the beginnings of a lift at his brows. Why is he supposed to be here, again?

A glare goes to Abby at the mention of the pants, too. But then with a careful sigh — lest she start coughing again — Claire holds a hand up for Cardinal to help her to her feet again, which isn't easy. Of course as she gets to her feet she looks up and then goes perfectly still. Oh shit. She stares at the man just behind Cardinal. So many things go through the ex-cheerleaders head, but finally a grumpy murmur of — "Take a picture, it lasts longer," wins hands down.

Clinging to Cardinal, Claire hooks her thumb in the waist of her pants and shimmies them down tills she left standing in only her underwear, which has a cute teenagy pattern of little tiny red hearts. Oh the embarrassment. She just knows she will never live this day down… if she survives it.

"Why haven't they trotted out that… 'fixer' that they picked up, then," Cardinal asks with a sharp look at Abigail— not for her, perhaps, but for others related to the situation. The sweatshirt's dropped to the floor, and he reaches to grip Claire's hand, his other sliding down the line of her back to help support her up to her feet. Once she's settled in on her feet, he helps her balance as she works her pants off, the comment garnering a glance over to the doorway. "Hey, old man. Got a patient for you."

"I dohno" Abigail's drawl has deepened. "Just stop questioning and get her in the water already! Or she's gunna be having siezures regardless" Abigail's getting frustrated now and with the arrival of flint. Well. "She's sick. I think she's likely got infections and the good lord only knows what else flint. But can you see what you can do? Get her in the tub Richard"

"Don't worry," says Deckard in return, unruffled by Claire's displeasure with his ogling, "I've already seen these two naked." A hard, 'The hell are you doing here?' glance at Cardinal later, he sucks in a long breath and sets to shrugging out of his tatty coat, bullet holes and all. She might barf on it or splash around or something. "At least you still have your panties."

The only person he doesn't look at is Abby, which is an accomplishment given that she's talking to him and he has to lean around past her to sling his coat over onto some random piece of furniture or something.

"They're getting a meeting set up." Claire says quickly, coming to the defense of her friends."But I think things are kinda hectic right now. I don't think they expected it to get this bad this fast…" She sighs again, "Or something…" that last said faintly as her head droops forward to rest on Cardinal's chest, suddenly feeling really tired from the exertion, not to mention her stomach is still not happy with her.

Something from Deckard, makes her head come up slowly and she leans over enough that she can stare at the old man again. She starts to say something grumpy at him, but the acts of taking a breath she sets off that nasty deep painful cough again. She had to hold onto Cardinal with a death grip to keep from falling, her head turned into her own arm as she tries not to cough on the help.

"You have not seen me naked." Wait. Has he? Richard's memory after the time he spent as Logan's guest is a little vague, really, so he slants a suspicious look over to the scruffy man in the coat before remembering he has something else to do, and a cute teenager clinging to him. Unfortunately, not for any good reasons, but then again that's just been his luck of late, hasn't it?

"Uh huh. In the bath, cute stuff," he mutters under his breath, reaching to wrap his other arm around her midriff and haul her off the floor, stepping over to the bath to drop her into it.

"He saw everyone naked" Only Deckard really knows what Abby means and suddenly there's a flood of red to her cheeks. "Just get in the tub Claire! So flint can try and heal you" And the bathroom while nice and spacious, is not spacious enough for four people and Abigail starts to retreat so that Flint can take her spot for now.

Deckard looks to Cardinal again, bluntly, cynically exaggerated in unspoken inquiry when he rights himself out of the coat toss. Hasn't he? But yes! There's a sick naked girl who needs to go into the bath and they can argue about who's seen who the nakedest later. He steps sideways into the bathroom with the others when Abby steps out, overall size and lank more noticeable in cramped quarters than it is when he's slouched off to the side somewhere by himself. He takes up a lot of space. Moreso given that he's preoccupied with a furtive glance over his shoulder after Abby's blush when he could be folding himself into a shape that fits better with Cardinal and Claire and the bathtub. "The hell happened?"

here we go again. "It's Claire. Arthur took her ability. She regenerates. like Adam Monroe. She got sick a few weeks ago, hid it from us, I tried helping, she refused help. Swore me to not get help. But now.. she showed up at my door. I'm gonna go call Cat and Helena" Get out of the bathroom so scruffy illegal grandpa can't stare at her flushed face anymore.

"Yeah.. Don't call me that right now. It's awkward enough being practically naked, without the pet name." Claire gripes at Cardinal as he lifts her off the floor, without any protest. Her skin is is like an oven, so when her feet enter the water she gasps, clinging to Cardinal like he is a life raft and yelps out. "Oh crap! That's fucking cold." Ah yes… such wonderful language for a young lady.

By time she is fully in the water, her arms are wrapped around herself and her teeth are chattering loudly. "Oh god…" repeated over and over again though clenched teeth. Sorry Abigail. Visibly shaking, Claire glances up at Deckard, more awake now, she watches him warily. She'd answer him, but she's to busy trying not the shake apart.

Oh. Right. It's been awhile Cardinal'd actually forgotten what Deckard's original power wa— why would Deckard even think to do that?! "Whatever," he replies absently to Claire as he sets her into the water, grunting a bit as she clings to him. He eases himself down to one knee, lowering her with it, "C'mon, c'mon, down into the bath. Yeah, it's fuckin' freezing, it's to keep your body temperature down."

Once she's in, he steps back, glancing over after Abigail to ask, "So, uh, anything more we should— oh, right. Do your thing, old man."

"…Can you wait until I'm gone again?" called half-heartedly out of the bathroom after Abby's promise to call in reinforcements, Deckard clenches and unclenches bony fingers at his sides. He's slow to turn back after the slosh of Claire into the freezing tub, shivering, infected and miserable. Just when he thought he was going to get a reprieve from weirdness until Thursday by refusing to go anywhere.

Eyes too intense, frown downturned amidst fuzzy lines and bristled scruff he flips the toilet seat down with a swat of his left hand and braces the right against the door frame to lower himself stiffly down onto it. One last upward glance at Card later, he offers the lax splay of his open hand over the tubside. "Did Arthur take your brain too?"

"Yeah, I can wait. I'll make coffee" There's ice and ice cubes and freezer packs on the counter too help if needed. The cat wanders by the door to see what the commotion is. Abigail's planted in the kitchen now, returning to food since flint will need it after. And coffee.

Here she is, in her underwear submerged in freezing cold water, feeling worse then she ever did in her life and he just insulted her? Clarie stares at him for a long moment totally speechless. "D-D-Did.. h-he….?" There is a flash of anger across her fingers. "Kn-know what s-s-screw you… " The young woman smacks the water, sending a spray of cold water at him. "Everyone gets s-s-sick…" she snaps rather irritated, ignoring the odd sensation in her head. Though the words coming from her mouth sound odd and hollow, "I've never been… sick… in my…." The sentence never finishes as her brain seems to finally gives out on her from all the stress and strain, her eyes roll back in her and she slumps into the tub.

"I haven't been sleeping well." It's a mild excuse, expressed as Cardinal's knees unfold to straighten and he takes a step back, shoulder resting to the doorway's trim and arms folding themselves across his chest. The fingers of one hand - no longer pink but still softer and less scarred than the other - lift to scratch short and broken nails across the scruff of five o'clock shadow under his chin as he watches, noting, "I think he was insulting me, babe, relax. I'm used— oh, you're unconscious. Nevermind!"

Deckard squints an eye against the sudden spray — not quite a flinch — offered hand withdrawn to scrub cold water off the side of his face when she…goes unconscious. Great. Another sideways glance at the door determines that Abigail isn't standing there to see that he managed to knock her out with unkind words, leaving him free to reach into the tub so that he can wrap a hand comfortably around her throat. To establish that she still has a pulse and to keep her head above the water. Probably. The low drone of his, "Actually, I was talking to her," buzzes in hazy tandem with the creeping encroach of alien warmth bleeding gradually into her system, like warm piss in a cold pool. Terrible and wrong but also kind of nice!

No, Abigail's not there. Likely too spare Claire the embarrassment of another person in the bathroom, but also for the aforementioned. Food, call others. "Throw a towel over her, it'll help keep her cool and save her modesty" That's Abigail, thinking about modesty.

"Huh. Really?" Cardinal leans over from his comfortable slouch against the wall, snagging a towel from where it's hanging before reaching it over to toss it over the unconscious teenager. Wait, now it's covering her face. Reluctantly he pushes off from the wall, stepping over to drag the towel down over her body, the edge floating in the waters as he observes deadpan, "Guess I'm jus' Pavlovian about it now."

"Seriously," Deckard affirms without tremendous feeling, like maybe if Cardinal really wants he could think of something. Preferably not when he can feel all of the extra sleep he finally got caught up on this morning draining out through the bones in his hand. With a sensation that feels more pleasant than it looks, the infected mess of Claire's physical damage begins to dissipate. The symptoms of her illness are slower to fade — a temporary ease of general suffering rather than a permannet fix.

Abigail's wandering back in, two cups of coffee, one looking very strong, proffered up to both men. "How you doing" Quiet now, not about to give the older man a tongue lashing. "I got some energy bars, and I'll make you a casserole to take back with you"

As the man works, Claire's body seems to visibly relax, the rattling of her breathing dies off some and her pulse strengthen beneath his fingers. But it isn't anything Deckard does that brings Claire around slowly. It's the suddenly need to cough that wakes the ex-cheerleader up. She to turn away onto her side to keep from coughing on Deckard, her legs curl up some as the cough hits her expecting it to hurt. To her surprise the cough while still strong, doesn't hurt as bad and doesn't last as long.

When it finally eases she rolls onto her back again and eyes the man who more then likely just saved her life, working to sit up in the tub slowly. "Thanks, " she murmurs looking down with a sigh and another softer cough. Claire looks better for the most part, not great… but better, though her skin is already starting to warm up again.

The cup of coffee offered over is accepted, Cardinal's fingers coiling about the ceramic as he flashes a quick, wry smile to Abigail as she steps back into the bathroom. "Thanks," he murmurs, bringing it up to his lips and sipping from it, gaze hooded a bit, "Mm. Just what the doctor ordered…"

Then there's a cough, and he looks down, brows lifting a bit as he asks, "You a'ight there, Claire?"

"Not hungry," is apparently how Deckard is doing, though he does reach up to take the offered coffee with a glance of acknowledgment that almost gets close enough to brush her face before it drops back down to Claire in the tub. Conscious. So — off to an okay start there, even if the ghost of freshly relieved damage rises up tangibly after the departure of his fingertips from her neck. A flick of his damp hand and a grunt of acknowledgment later, he sips his coffee and pushes up to stand.

There is a sidelong glance at the question and Claire nods slowly, feeling a touch subdued. "Some. I still feel crappy, but not as much. Thanks." She takes a deep breath, testing just how much has been healed. This sends her into another fit, the rattling still there in her lungs. No, still sick. Glancing up at Abigail, Claire asks, "Can I get out of here now?" Her hands moving to wrap around her chest as she's suddenly very aware of the fact, she's in a tub of water in her underwear. She's like clothes now. Please.

"Nope. Your still flushed. Flints beating it, I'm calling Cat and Hel, Cardinal. Ice. Tub. Now. little at a time" Torture time for claire, it surely will feel like that. "I'm walking flint to the door" That said, she's turned and heading out of the bathroom again.

"Great, I'm a baby-sitter." A look down to the tub, and Cardinal flickers a wry half-smile, "No offense." Oh. She's walking Flint to the door. He slants over a look to the man, one generally reserved to those about to do the Long Mile to the chair. Yes, that Chair.

Coffee in hand, mouth and brows flat, Deckard catches Cardinal's look with one tainted with resentment. Like he can't handle her being pissed off about him not wanting her casserole! Honestly. With a last unspoken mind your own business Mr. Mom pull at the corner of his mouth, he glances at Mostly Naked Claire and turns to head out towards the aforementioned door, drinking as he goes.

And on to the front door. Down the hall, across the living room with not even a look to the kitchen or hint of getting a casserole. "better this way I guess, cause they'd probably want to drag you with them to see Delphine" Door unlocked - if it was locked post Deckard - and she opens the door for him. "Have fun storming Pinehearst. Richards putting me on a plane to Louisiana. I should be back in a few weeks" AKA, I'm really going out of town and I know that you're not. You done fucked up boy.

Claire groans and sinks further down in the water, the water lapping softly at her chin. Cardinal's comment actually gets a smile from the young woman. "It's alright.. I wouldn't want that job either." She comments flatly, with a touch of humor, her eyes rolling a touch. Her body gives its first shiver as her fever start getting stronger.

Yeah, casserole. That's totally what that look's about! Cardinal drops himself down to sit on the toilet seat, hands resting between his knees as he slouches forward, asking casually of the patient, "So! Good to meet you. Arthur took my power, too, so, I know the fuckin' feeling…" A pause. "…didn't get sick or anything, but he did cut my hand off." He's just chattering to keep her talking, so he knows she hasn't slipped into a coma.

Partway through the process of digging through his retrieved and shoulderd-on overcoat after his flask, Deckard registers the words that have just fallen out of Abby's mouth and spattered all over his shoes. Right hand paused in its effort, boot heels cemented to the floor inside the open door, he…clenches and hollows out his jaw. Then he turns his head back towards the bathroom so automatically that he can't have had time to think about what a bad idea that probably is.

"He didn't tell me. Powers of deduction. If everyone else is gearing up to go after Arthur and you're now the healer…" If she' still had the ability, she's sure she'd have been going too. "Don't worry, I won't piss you off by kissing you good bye. Don't die. I'll see you when I get back" Because she firmly believes that he won't die. Man is like a cockroach really. She waits there, so he can go, not go, whatever he wants. Coffee cup obviously going with him.

"Nice to meet you too.. and thank.. you know. For the help." Claire sounds a touch embarrassed. "Sorry it had to be this way." She eyes him curiously, and then looks away her eyes dropping to watch the ripples in the water as she breath. "Arther is my grandfather," she says blandly, not exactly something to be proud to admit. "Took mine and tossed me in a cell." Hey, anything to keep her mind of how freakin' cold she it. "Took my uncle's as well.. Peter?" her eyes move to watch the man's reaction to either things.

"Your grandfather?" A twitch of Cardinal's brows together answers the revelation of her parentage (or grandparentage, at least) as he looks down at her, and then he gives his head a tight shake from side to side, "Jesus Christ. Guess there's no loyalty in that family— no offense." A yawn's stifled, and he twists at the waist to reach over for the sink where he set his coffee cup, "Never met Peter. Met the chick that's runnin' around with his power right now, though."

Teeth too white to line up with the scruffiness of Deckard's haggard exterior bare out in a thin line past the same ill-contained irritation that's carved hard into the the lines around his face. "I didn't want you to worry," is the simple truth, grated out at a mutter that turns over into a leaning shift of weight towards the open door. "Christ you can be a bitch." And he is taking her coffee cup. So there.

"I know" Abby lobs back gently. On both counts. "Thank you for trying. I'll be at the airport at 8 in the morning." in case he wants to check and double check that she actually made it there. "Don't die" It bears saying a second time. "Go flee" She knows him. He knows her. The lightest brush of her fingertips against his arm before she turns away to head back to the bathroom.

"Yeah." Claire says sadly. "I'm related to the evil bastard." Her lips press into a firm line, before she adds. "Sorry about your ability.. and your hand. Though it look like you got that back. What about your ability?" Her move to the bathroom door as Abigail arrives, the brunette goes silent for a long moment, before adding. "Thank you Abigail. I'm sorry about all this." Her cheeks are already flush as her fever continues to rise. "Sure your not doing this to punish me?" Yes, she's trying to lighten the mood a touch, by teasing her.

The hand in question lifts, fingers wriggling in the air as Cardinal's other hand is busy feeding him coffee; the dark, hot brew washing down his throat to warm his belly and keep that inevitable crash a little bit further away for the time being. It's obvious in the circles under his eyes, and just the hint of a slur that's occasionally sneaking into his voice. "Mmhm," after he swallows, "Got this grown back… don't have that back yet. Can't. Not until after Arthur's dead, or he'll find me."
at the return of Abigail, he shoots her a cautious glance.

Abigail looks fine. No tears! Nor bruised lips. "Told him when I was heading to the airport and not to die" There won't even be marks on Deckard even! Blue eyes glance to Claire. "You're staying in there. I'm gonna go call cat and Hel now. You can take off Richard if you want. I'll be on the plane in the morning. Thank you for the tickets"

There is a soft ahh from Claire as she listens to the explanation. Her body gives a violent shudder suddenly and she sits up so that she can start coughing again, already it is sounds nasty. Between fits, she tries to draw a shaky breath . Only to set off onto another one, but it doesn't last as long at least. Groaning, Claire settles into the tub again, sinking deep into it. She closes her eyes and sighs. "Tell me when they get here."

"I'll stick around in case she needs someone to help her up," Cardinal allows with a tilt of his head to Claire, his expression wry, "I should probably make sure they don't have any last minute plans're shit. And— no worries, Abs." A faint smile over the edge of his coffee, "S'what friends are for, right?"

"What are friends for" And with that, satisfied that Claire will be fine, and there's towels a plenty and ice toss in, Abigail heads back out to get her phone and call up.

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