Live Report Miracle Day Rescue

"Are we ready? Okay.. " The camera focuses on a brown haired woman, who is quickly trying to fix her hair. The camera goes out of focus and then clears again. In the background, there is the glow of a raging building fire. "This is Marie Lane, for NBC News and we are at the site of a raging inferno, that use to be an apartment building. We're bringing this to you live, because just moments ago we saw a young blonde woman run into the building. She did so despite the calls of the firemen." She turns her whole body to look briefly at the building, her eyes showing mock concern when she looks back at the camera. "There is no way that this individual could have survived that inferno."

"Hey… Marie… Look!" Is whispered off camera as there seems to be a blurry silhouette in glow of the flames. The view of the camera shifts past the reporter to the building and the emerging figure, her body hunched over a blanketed shape in her arms, her face obscured from the camera.

"Did she just walk out of there.. Can you get a clear picture?" Ask the excited voice of the reporter.

"No.. Too much smoke and the light of the fire. I can't get a clear shot." Is whispered back, the camera focusing in and out trying hard for that glimpse.

That is until the woman is surrounded by firemen and paramedics, the view blocked completely, though it's clear the figure in the blanket is being passed to one of the paramedics. The camera follows the paramedic, who passes close enough, that the camera can see a small child of about six or seven. The kid's eyes are wide, the face sooty and streaked with tears.

The camera pans back to where the group was, only to find the people have scattered and the blonde woman gone. "Lost her." Marie does not sound happy, though she perks up when one of the firemen passes close enough for her to grab him.

"Excuse me! Captain.. Sir. Can we talk to you? A question." Marie Lane, flashes a bright smile as the Fire Captain comes to stand next to her. "Can you tell us anything about what just happened?"

"Not sure about it myself. About fifteen minutes ago, a young woman ran into the building." He motions the building with something like a chopping motion. " And somehow survived without a burn on her and save the life of a young boy trapped in his room." He glances at the camera and then back to the reporter, arms crossing. He looks annoyed, but continues, "When she handed us the child, she informed us there was no one else inside and well….." He seems almost reluctant to says it.

"What? What did she say?" Asks Marie rather hungry for the story. She looks like she's seeing a promotion in her future.

"She said, 'Happy Miracle Day.' Now if you'll excuse me. I have a fire to get put out." Without waiting for anything else, the man shambles off screen.

Marie Lane turns back to the camera, looking a touch surprised. "And there you have it folks, seems we have another Miracle Day…. well… miracle. I'm Marie Lane for NBC news."

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