Local News, June 20 2009

FINANCIAL DISTRICT — Details are still forthcoming, but we have been made aware that shortly after nine am, shots were fired at the NYPD Headquarters when two individuals who had willingly entered the premises to be Registered under the Linderman Act as Evolved incited an incident of violence. Lilith Alrene Pharona (23) was shot and killed by a member of the NYPD after becoming agitated and allegedly attacking a federal agent and threatening an NYPD officer. The other unregistered evolved, Cole Wright (30) was apprehended on the scene for assault on an officer and criminal threatening. The officer involved in the shooting has been put on temporary suspension pending an investigation into the use of lethal force. More details as they arise.

BROOKLYN — The Department of Homeland Security has just released information on a murder that took place on the 3rd of June. Information offered by DHS indicates that the individual responsible for not only the destruction of Midtown Manhattan on November the 8th 2006, but also a string of serial killings across the United States may still be at large. The body of a so far unidentified man with conditions matching the MO of the serial killer known as Sylar washed up on the shore of Coney Island on the 3rd.

So far without any leads into the investigation, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a photograph and composite likeness of Sylar AKA Gabriel Gray to all local police stations and have begun broadcasting his image on the news. This is the first public announcement of the departments investigation into Sylar since November of 2006.

An anonymous hotline has been established for anyone that may possess information regarding the serial killer, and a reward of 3.5 million dollars is being awarded for any information that leads to the arrest of Gabriel Gray.

The NYPD and Department of Homeland Security are hoping that by opening up this case to the public they may find a thread that leads them to the man responsible for this nation's greatest tragedy and save more lives.

STATEN ISLAND — Reports are coming in from residents of New York's forgotten shadow, Staten Island, that alleged military maneuvers over the island may have resulted in the deaths of an untold number of the island's residents. The United States Air Force indicates that no authorized flights were planned in the area, and the NTSB indicates that only one unidentified radar contact was made in the island's vicinity on the night of the nineteenth, contrary to the reports of "a half dozen" aircraft bombarding the island with non-explosive ordinance.

Additional reports indicate that machine gun fire over the island occurred at this same time, and civilian casualties have been rumored by no concrete evidence has yet to be presented. Presumed to be related, the explosion of a structure believed by the NYPD to be an arms smuggling hotspot, has resulted in an uncontrolable fire that has now consumed four city blocks and shows no signs of stopping. The FDNY is not authorized to enter Staten Island due to the Homeland Security blockade on the island following the terrorist attack on the Verazanno-Narrows earlier this year.

The smoke from this raging fire, visible from northern Manhattan, is believed to include toxic fumes and hazardous airborne chemical, and residents of Manhattan's southern boroughs are urged to keep their doors and windows closed and wear respirator masks when outside.

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