41st Precinct
Owner Kevin Ford? Established 2018 (reestablished)
Purpose Base of Operations
Status Closed
Employees Tanith Caldwell (Second In Command)

The old brick building that makes up the 41st precinct building has stood abandoned for many years, though the old building has certainly withstood the test of time. The southeastern side of the building is painted up with blue paint, a cracked and fading design that says, "New York's finest needs all of New York's Finest", and beneath that, "Call 212-RECRUIT", with the crest of the NYPD on one side and a picture of an old paddy wagon with an old web address to the NYPD's website.

The building seems to have been fortified — the front door appears to be welded shut (and contains all manner of debris blocking it in the first place. All windows appear to have metal or bars over them, and the parking lot behind the building is tall and heavily fortified as well, with barbed wire running over fencing that has been reinforced with sheet metal and various other heavy and otherwise difficult to break through items. The parking lot itself contains several vans and trucks in various states of repair (or disrepair), some sporting NYPD logos, while others clearly come from other sources. The entrance from the parking lot are similarly fortified, and are often heavily guarded by well-armed men; the parking garage, with its ground and basement level, has been fenced off, the entrance heavily guarded as well.

41st Precinct

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