Owner Unknown Established 2015
Purpose Bar/Arcade
Status 7 days a week, 3pm - 2am
Employees Bartenders

Part bar, part arcade, Add-a-Ball is a neighborhood fixture in Elmhurst and a favourite haunt for the Safe Zone's younger inhabitants and those with a weak spot for 80's nostalgia. The building's labyrinthine layout seems to go on forever, branching out into narrow, uneven corridors lined with old arcade and pinball machines, dozens of which are out of service at any given time. This said, it's impossible to get lost; every pathway connects with another, and eventually leads back to the bar.

Behind the bar, shelves of cheap spirits are stacked all the way up to the ceiling, creating a glass collage of eye-catching colors and shapes, not unlike the games themselves. Tall stools that swivel a full 360 degrees provide seating at the bar itself, but there are also a series of tables clustered nearby that are almost always covered in empty plates, crumpled paper napkins, and leftover glasses tipped with beer head.

Ceiling fans swing lazily overhead, providing the circulation desperately needed to prevent the room from turning into a furnace.


Additional Info

  • Add-a-Ball is notorious for not checking IDs and for serving alcohol to minors.
  • Standard bar fare includes french fries, cheese burgers, and peanuts by the bowl. Watch out for shells.
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