Alameda Point Airfield
Owner Praxis Heavy Industries Established 2015
Purpose Corporate Airfield
Status Operational
Affiliation Praxis Heavy Industries

Alameda Point Airfield is a reconstructed site located on the southern end of Praxia. Its name is retained from the original name of Praxia island: Alameda. This site now houses hundreds of aircraft hangars, maintenance facilities, and a fleet of mid and long range aircraft capable of supporting Praxis Heavy Industries' reconstruction efforts. Due to US laws against weaponized drones on US soil, none of Praxis Heavy Industries air support vehicles are in any way automated. Alameda Airfield also serves as the nerve center and base of operations for Praxis Heavy Industries private military company, Eclipse, and more than two-thousand security personnel operate out of Alameda Point Airfield; many of whom perform double duty as engineering labor.


In 1927, wetlands at the west end of Alameda Island on the east shore of San Francisco Bay were filled to form an airport (Alameda Airport) with an east/west runway, three hangars, an administration building, and a yacht harbor. The airport site included the Alameda Terminal of the First Transcontinental Railroad (California Historical Landmark #440). By 1930, United States Army Air Corps operations referred to the site as Benton Field. The base remained important and active through the cold war until its closure in 1997, where it became a test site for racing and a shooting site for some movies. At the onset on the Second American Civil War, this airfield was used to evacuate civilians from combat zones, and later residents of the greater San Francisco area from the oncoming wildfires.

Alameda Point Airfield

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