Alley Garage (The Dog House)
Owner Colette Demsky Established First occupied in 2017
Purpose Personal storage and vehicle maintenance

Blocked into the back end of a ten foot wide alley near the intersection of South 64th and Berry Street is an old white garage with a tarpaper roof and peeling paint. Inside there's a small sink complete with running water, a makeshift couch made from the rear bench seat of an old truck, complete with seatbelts. Boxes of tools are up against the far wall, along with an engine block lift, welding goggles, a peg board hanging with other old and salvaged tools. There‚Äôs also a wreath of dried flowers, like from Tamara or Tasha. The place smells faintly of oil and metal, leather and grease. This space is a makeshift garage and quiet, private space where — currently — Colette Demsky stores her motorcycle.

Alley Garage (The Dog House)

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First seen in Reflection/Projection.

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