Ammi Evangelical Baptist Church
Owner Established 1982; reopened 2016
Purpose Worship, community support, soup kitchen
Status Worship services — 8 and 11 am on Sundays
Soup kitchen hours — 10 am - 12:30 pm, 7 days a week

Sitting astride Flatbush Avenue, the former main street of Brooklyn that bisected the borough from northwest to southeast, Ammi Evangelical Baptist Church has become even more of an active beacon of the local community in post-war days. Founded in 1982 as a haven for Haitian immigrants fleeing political unrest, it grew in size as a ministry, welcoming into its fold members from the local Caribbean-American community and beyond.

The building facade is modest but distinct: two red doors sitting side-by-side in a white plaster facade, marked by inlays of three decorative crosses. Though much of the neighboring buildings have been defaced by graffiti and age, the church itself has received a recent coat of fresh paint, complete with a flamboyantly handwritten sign bearing its name to replace the one destroyed by the war. To those who do not come for worship or spiritual comfort, it is mostly known for its soup kitchen service, offered daily in the church's basement.

Ammi means "my people" in Hebrew. Today, the connotation of my people has come to encompass not just the locals for whom it was originally founded, but all who would shelter within its doors— Evo and non-Evo alike.

Ammi Evangelical Baptist Church

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