Bodega de La Vega
Owner Ignacio de la Vega Established

June 10, 2016

Purpose Grocery and Deli
Status 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

The Bodega de La Vega is the quintessential New York convenience store, taking up the corner ground floor unit of an old and faded red brick apartment building. Most of its customers probably don't even know its name — the sign on the outside merely says Deli-Grocery in large letters, along with a list of the services or products to be found within: beer - cold drinks - Lotto - snacks. Within, the small shop's narrow aisles are tightly packed; organization of products is loosely themed and sometimes requires some creating thinking to find the connection between the items.

A refrigerated section takes up the entirety of the back wall and includes the promised cold drinks and beer as well as cold foods that might be best avoided given the propensity for brownouts in this neighborhood. A chest freezer stands nearby as well, containing ice cream treats and bags of ice, as the hand-scrawled sign taped to the top of the chest proclaims. There is a generator that rumbles noisily when its on and is prone to breaking down from time to time.

The front counter is packed full of point-of-sale items to entice the customers and behind it, cigarettes and higher-price-point merchandise, meant to be kept out of the hands of shoplifters. A brown tabby cat named Linda is often found roaming the store, napping, or keeping vigil along with the store owner.

Bodega de La Vega

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