Botanica La Romana
Owner Nacho Rodriguez Established

March 29, 1982

Purpose Natural Products and Religious Articles
Status 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Botanica La Romana is institution in Red Hook. The shop was originally owned by Luciana Rodriguez until her death during the Second Civil War, when it passed to her nephew who still owns and operates it. It sells products related to the practice of Santeria, including religious statues and candles, various herbs and natural remedies, and other products regarded as magical or spiritual. It also offers diloggĂșn readings, a practice of receiving guidance by the orishas about one's life and how to restore its harmony.

The outside is painted with a vibrant mural depicting a tropical scene, including an ocean, a beach, and a woman watching over some children playing.

Botanica La Romana

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