Brenda's Bar & Griddle
Owner Isabelle and Shahid Wesley-Khan Established May 5, 2020
Purpose Restaurant, Bar, Hired Events
Status 7 days a week (early close on Tuesdays), restaurant open from 7:00am to 10:00pm (7pm Tuesday), Bar from 12:00pm to 10:00pm, events variable
Employees Namiko - Front House Manager and House DJ

A former industrial storage warehouse turned vivaciously green restaurant and bar, Brenda’s Bar & Griddle stands out from other eateries in purpose, design and cuisine. In an area normally known for central Asian foods, the restaurant instead caters to a wide range of tastes with its ever-changing offerings depending on the whimsy of its primary ingredients buyer, Namiko Wesley-Khan. Two things remain constant in the cuisine, however: Waffles at any hour, plenty of coffee and teas, and the house’s signature distilled WNK Moonshine.

Boasting a large square footage main space, Brenda’s has a large dining area giving customers ample seating in a green-conscious environment. Chairs and tables made from recycled and repurposed elements mixed with clean natural linens provide a warm atmosphere surrounded by luscious foliage, carefully curated but still naturally beautiful. The electricity provided by solar panels and The back of the main space is home to a full bar and comfortable, semi-private seating areas tucked away and around corners for small groups.

And when the sun sets, Brenda’s turns into an extensive arena for events of variable sizes. Situated along the docks with a view of the water, the boats in the bay, and a glimpse of Brighton Beach and Yamagato Park in the distance, the establishment easily becomes a hotspot hangout for hosting parties and private groups.

Brenda's Bar & Griddle

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A Tasting Tale
Follow along with the Wesley-Khans through an incredible array of spirits, liqueurs, bitters, and curious culinary influences all artfully prepared by bartenders with a mastery of the craft, hand picked to serve the best story.

A sherry cobbler cocktail that starts off light, smooth, and gets progressively stronger; a bright hot toddy starts off with hints of tangy apple then warms into a smoky maple cinnamon and chai spice; slip into the mysterious red of a spicy fireball sangria garnished in pineapple and mango chunks; dive into the deep chill of a boozy affogato mixed with rum, cold brew, and a luxurious scoop of gelato; and when you're ready for the end, settle down with a glass of the original lemonade WNK moonshine to clear your mind and bring you to the prime sensation of a journey well-traveled, all from the comfort of a seat at Brenda's Bar & Griddle.
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