Brighton Beach
Owner City of New York Established Resettled 2020
Purpose Neighborhood
Status Inhabited

Brighton Beach — also known in part as Coney Island — was completely demolished between the events of the 2011 New York riots, the civil war, and the derelict aftermath leading up to the formation of the Safe Zone. Battered in that time by two different powerful storms, Brighton Beach as past locals knew it was almost entirely demolished. Reconstruction of Brighton Beach was not prioritized during the initial resettlement, however in 2017, Yamagato Industries turned reconstruction efforts toward the coast. Brighton Beach has transformed into what most Safe Zone residents see as an overpriced bourgeois attraction designed to cater to new wealthy residents of New York rather than the hardworking middle class.

Once a bustling beach-side neighborhood, the years have been unkind— but not unforgiving— to the place once called Little Odessa. While the once tall skyline here has been lopped off, it has been replaced by a few sleeker buildings; mainly government office spaces, both city-side and federal. Closer to the water lies the neighborhood proper, with some apartment complexes and new housing, all with very small footprints in terms of square footage. The beach-side boardwalk spreads parallel to residential streets, with newly sprouted cafes and small businesses, and plenty of 'For Rent' signage and buskers.

Sand once muddled has been cleaned by the tides and time, the lack of man having given it a new lease on renewing itself. That same drop in pollution has taken place in most waterways of the Safe Zone, but it is most prominent here where the light water traffic gives it peace. Salty currents that sweep into the bay have carried with them returning wildlife, from birds, fish, mussels, and crabs, to small pinnipeds and a localized pod of dolphins. Much further out towards the sea, one may even see the return of whales to territory marked before the first bomb.

Brighton Beach


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