Brooklyn Public Library
Owner Public Library Established 1955 (originally), reopened 2017
Purpose Books, research, classes, internet and shelter


Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm

A public library, the first of the Libraries reopened in the Safe Zone. This corner building was sturdily built and avoided much of the damage during the war, making it the first to be deemed safe for returning to it's original purpose. It houses thousands of books of all genres, which it will loan out to those with cards and Safe Zone membership and a permanent residence. It also has a substantial reference section, which includes public archives and other things.

The library has wifi access (though slow), public access computers (which have a much faster connection but require a Library card to access) and is handicap accessible. They also have adult-focused classes, such as financial assistance, language help, and SLC-E awareness classes.

It also has a bomb/storm shelter which opens to the public in case of an emergency.

Brooklyn Public Library

Additional Info

Formerly the Mapleton Library. Most of the child and young adult related classes and resources were transferred to the Doyle Children's Library when it opened.

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