Owner US Federal Government / Praxis Heavy Industries Established 1850
Purpose US State / Corporate Property
Status PSW Dead Zone State

California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States, geographically contained within the Pacific South West Dead Zone, a region of the United States that was impacted by the 2013 nuclear EMP strike, resulting in a destruction of California's power grid and all unshielded electronics. California once held roughly 40 million residents and was the most populous state in the United States as well as the third most extensive by area. During the start of the Second American Civil War, California stood firm against the Mitchell regime, "illegally" repealed the Linderman Act, and disregarded the executive orders resulting in the involuntary relocation of SLC-Expressive citizens. As a result, California became a hotbed of violence and activity during the first year of the Civil War.

However, due to neither side being willing to cripple the national economy, California was miraculously spared many military conflicts outside of precise strikes against military targets. This changed in 2013 as Resistance forces pushed Mitchell's military out of the American west, and the subsequent launch of a self-inflicted nuclear strike on America. California was spared a direct hit but still suffered the worst effects of the EMP burst, which destroyed the state's power grid and all unshielded electronics. Due to the state's high population, the chaos from this incident was worse in California than anywhere else in the country, and what began as riots over food and property soon escalated into full-scale internecine conflicts that sparked wildfires which burned out of control as state and federal agencies were unable to respond to the growing disaster.

Nearly every major city in California was reduced to ruins between 2013 and 2014, driving millions of Americans who survived the violence north and east into border states with less arid climates, and others south into Baja Mexico where the EMP's effects were less severely felt. The loss of California's $2.717 trillion economy effectively crippled the United States and drove the entire world into an economic tail-spin. In an effort to rebuild and reclaim the west coast, the US Federal Government signed a deal with the Chinese industrial corporation Praxis Heavy Industries to create the California Safe Zone (sister site to the New York City Safe Zone and the SEA-TAC Safe Zone), a resettlement location intended to kickstart the rebuilding of California. The California Safe Zone is being constructed within what remains of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkley, San Rafael, and Richmond, centered on the San Francisco Bay area. Approximately 324,000 people are scheduled to resettle to the California Safe Zone when it opens in 2019.



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