California Safe Zone
Owner United States Government Established 2016
Purpose Resettled American City
Status Under Construction

The California Safe Zone is the first active resettlement location within the Pacific Southwest Dead Zone. With most of California ravaged by war and years of wildfire, Praxis Heavy Industries was forced to rebuild from the ground up rather than using most of the existing infrastructure, unlike what was done with the NYC Safe Zone. Though considerably more advanced than the NYC Safe Zone, the California Safe Zone is less than half its size, consisting of a small portion of the San Francisco bay area. The California Safe Zone is still under construction and was primarily inhabited by Praxis Heavy Industries employees, prior to the company's violent collapse in early 2020 following the revelation of massive human rights violations at their US headquarters.

At its inception, the California Safe Zone was planned to consist of the neighborhoods of Praxia, Oakland, and Passport. Other neighborhoods were planned, retaining historic names of old San Francisco, though the timetable on when they may be completed is unknown, especially now in light of Praxis Heavy Industries' collapse and the failure of their automated construction systems.

California Safe Zone


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Current Status (Poor)

The California Safe Zone is in a state of disorder and distress. When the Praxis Ziggurat was severely damaged in February of 2020 the Safe Zone's power grid was permanently taken offline. As such there is no power or running water in the Safe Zone outside of what can be supplied by generators and solar panels and no water outside of hand pumps. The quality of life within the sole inhabited neighborhood of Oakland is dire and food shortages have left residents to fend for themselves with gardens and hunting local game. While the Red Cross has provided some humanitarian effort, resources are scarce and violent crime is on the rise.

The US Military holds an active forward operating base at Alameda Point Airfield consisting of 1,500 active duty soldiers maintaining a semblance of law and order within the Safe Zone. However, these soldiers are not expected to remain indefinitely and there is as of yet no plan for their extraction. Clashes between Safe Zone voluntary settlers and military police are a daily occurrence and mounting tensions over living conditions are building a tinderbox ready to ignite.

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