Owner Cassandra Cain Established 2020
Purpose Bakery
Status Monday through Friday 7am to 8pm

Built opposite from Eileen's Cafe in the basement concourse of the Red Hook Market, Cassandra’s brings a welcome flair of the old world to the new. Built in the space that once held a branch of the New York Community Bank, stilted office cubicles and sheetrock have been stripped away to reveal the architecture beneath.

Wrought iron gates swing inward over well worn brown brick floors that transition seamlessly to overarching vaulted ceilings. This naturally divides the space into several equal-sized sections. Most of these spaces are taken up by simple, yet comfortable, scavenged tables and chairs. The mismatched combinations of wicker, cast iron, and glass, give the place a cosy feel. A few booths are scattered here and there, too, allowing quiet conversation between groups with a little privacy built in. Old-style lamps are mounted to the beams that criss-cross the ceiling, the light warm and inviting.

A bar is along the right side of the shop with the counter and the display of fresh breads and pastries on display to the left inside the old safety deposit box vault. A door behind the counter leads to the kitchen and the ovens, wonderful smells emerging almost constantly while Cassandra is at work. The vault behind is used to store baking ingredients now - something some would consider more valuable than the dollar.


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