Cat's Cradle
Owner Eve Established Middle of 2017
Purpose Music venue, bar, fortune telling
Status Everyday of the week 9am-late
Employees Isis - Bartender, part-time
Poppy - Bartender
Sassy - Bartender/Manager

The room is large, a mid sized stage with tattered curtains hanging around it and two spotlights that face it. There were a number of mismatched theatre seats arranged in a half circle facing the stage, a long dark purple rug running through the middle of them. A chandelier that is sometimes on and only lights up halfway hangs in the center of the room. Even when music is not being performed people congregate around the stage, drinking or smoking. A 420 Friendly sign hangs near a mirror hung up behind the bar.

The bar area has a few mismatched chairs and boxes for chairs. A lone armchair is placed near the bar, the owner usually occupies it when she is in. The bar is a bunch of wood and steel welded together and repurposed as a bar, there is a black glass that is fitted around the middle of often smear from people’s knees and boot heels. A really old television set with a VHS player sits behind the bar propped up on a stand. The bar is as well stocked as you can get nowadays, there’s even an exotic alcohol or two rumored to be under the bar. A modest grill stands in the corner right next to the bar, nothing fancy just greasy food.

In the corner of the room near the stage and it’s green room door is another door that is usually locked.

Cat's Cradle

Additional Info

Cat's was established after Eve's worldly travels as a base for herself and place to archive her ever growing art collection. There are weekly open mics hosted there and the bar has an exotic alcohol or two because a certain seer might know where to find them. Below the bar/venue space is the Oracle Room which is where people would go for a psychic reading/fortune telling. Eve lives in the space above the bar.

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