Church Of The Ascension
Owner Established Re-Opened May 8, 2016
Purpose Religious and Community Services
Status Monday — Friday 9am to 7pm; Saturday and Sunday 7am to 7pm; exceptions for holidays and functions

The Church of the Ascension was designed by Henry Dudley in an Early English Gothic style and constructed in 1866. For generations the site was an episcopal church, though following the Second American Civil War fell into considerable disrepair. Multi-faith volunteer efforts beginning in 2014 started the structure's renovations which were completed in 2016. The church, in spite of maintaining its original name, is now a multi-faith place or worship shared by a multitude of religious practitioners from across the Safe Zone. It is one of only a handful of functioning churches in the settlement and sees considerable traffic from residents of the western half of the Safe Zone.

The church's basement is often used for community events. Martin Pines hosts a weekly veterans meeting in the church's basement on Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm.

Church Of The Ascension

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