City Slickers
Owner Touma “Cowboy Tom” and Jade Nishiya Established August 20, 2016
Purpose Themed Bar/Entertainment/Food
Status Open from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Karaoke Thursday nights from 8pm to close
Employees Bartenders and Servers

This beer hall is a hell of an experience. Peanut shells can be found absolutely everywhere underfoot on the darker wood flooring, lighter wood-panel walling giving way to a sky-painted wallpaper strip bordering the ceiling. Immediately on the wall after entering, there are two sets of coat-racks, a label above them indicating Hats only. Where anyone's actually supposed to put their coat, if they have one, is a mystery.

And then there's the rest of the place.

The hall itself is long, most of the right side taken up by an amply-stocked bar. The bar length consists of steel-bound wooden barrels placed side-by-side, serving as supports for a thickly-lacquered wooden top. Nearby the door on the left side of the wall, separated from the bar by several standing tabletops, is a Western-themed selfie station complete with a pool of outfits to select from. Further down that wall, hugging a partition wall that separates the last quarter of the establishment from the rest, is a bonafide mechanical bull, complete with bullhorns attached to its mechanical 'head' and worn-down white and brown cowskin layered over the sides. The machine sits inside a white fence, the enclosed padding protecting any thrown riders covered over by tatters of straw.

Behind the partition wall are several pool tables, this area smelling distinctly of cigar and cigarette smoke. Racks along the left wall provide pool cues, while the back wall prevents a swinging, saloon-style doorway into the back kitchen.

The food served from the back is typical American bar food fare, extra emphasis on deep-fried. If it's green and remotely healthy for you, it must be battered before serving. Served drinks come in a variety of mugs and glasses, many of them unique novelty shapes that add a little extra novelty to this entire experience.

Back over above the bar hang more stereotypically Western items— horseshoes and dust-covered skulls, leather holsters (free of weapons), and bottled snakes. The liquor selection available at the bar is heavy-duty, with American labels being most prominent, followed by other labels prominently drank in the US. It's only under the bar that they have any bottles of Japanese liquor and beer, brought out only by request— and it's not on the menu.

Lastly, on the right after entering, a simple platform that can be flipped upright when not in use provides a stage that either live music is usually performed from on Saturdays, or karaoke can be sang from Thursday nights from 8pm to close.

Welcome to City Slickers, y'all. Have a good time and come see us again soon.

City Slickers

Additional Info

Karaoke Every Thursday!
Join us every Thrusday from 8 p.m. to Close!

Come see our very own "Cowboy Tom" sing your favorite country and cowboy songs!

What are you waiting for, Partner? Maybe you'll be the next Country Star!
Pictured "Cowboy Tom" singing for the crowd.
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