Creekside Cabin
Owner Rene Dumortier Established May 2019
Purpose Private Land; Watchtower; Storage; approachable when in need of Rene's business or ability.
Status Open to visitors when occupied. Surrounding land booby-trapped to deter undesirables.

A wood and stone cabin, once a hunting camp, lies on the outskirts of Providence, down an old gravel road through forest, tucked away on its own. A wide creek runs through the property, the small waterfall white noise, the trees old and canopies folded out like hen's wings. Shrubs, grass, brush, wildflowers, vines, moss, fungi- - all of them allowed to roam as they please in the glade and woodland; in one section there is a small planned square of garden, and many of the bushes nearby bear fruit, along with a duo of apple trees. The house is hidden from a rocky meadow that lies just down the hill, which is sometimes used by shepherds passing through.

Behind the cabin there sits a sizable greenhouse, frame made of live plants. A cellar of various contents dug into the ground and covered by a mossy roof faces the house. Up in the taller branches, a treehouse- - with a descent of footholds; it sits high enough to look out over the tops of smaller trees, obscuring any birds in its nest.

The interior of the cabin is bigger than it seems, though every space is utilized. A loft with a bed, a tiny, gas powered kitchen caddy-corner to the fireplace; a patched-up, low-slung sofa that smells faintly of fresh cotton and lavender. An old stereo system and radio sits atop a roughly constructed dresser. The house is stocked with necessities, and most storage is used primarily for salvaged items.

Creekside Cabin

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