Cresting Wave Apartments
Owner Yamagato Industries Established May 8, 2015
Purpose Yamagato Industries Employee Housing
Status Private Residential
Affiliation Yamagato Industries

Cresting Wave Apartments is one of dozens of newly-constructed "future seeing" buildings in the Yamagato Park region. These structures serve as both residences for Yamagato Industries employees and also a proof-of-concept for the residential improvements Yamagato Industries intends to create across the Safe Zone as the reconstruction and resettlement operation continues. The apartment building is a 12-floor structure with forty-eight 3,400 square foot apartments and one penthouse on the 13th floor. The stainless metal exterior wraps around the building to form an L-shape. To create the curves, each panel of cladding was laser-cut. Residences are highly computerized, featuring state-of-the-art climate control and hardline connections to the Yamagato Industries intranet for ease of employee telecommuting. Apartments are spacious, furnished, and committed to a green-futurism aesthetic.

Cresting Wave Apartments

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Every amenity in Cresting Wave Apartments is top of the line. The windows open via a personalized Yamagato Industries app and the lighting is energy-efficient. The entire apartment is managed by a localized climate control system directly connected to the Yamagato Industries intranet and remotely accessible by Yamagato employees from their personal computers and cell phones. The kitchen comes with two ovens: One is a typical oven, and the other is a steam oven — a cross between an oven and a microwave — both of which can be remotely set and observed. The kitchen also comes with a 99-bottle, climate-controlled wine rack. The bathrooms include heated marble floors, rainfall shower heads, and six-foot-long tubs. The walls that enclose the toilet are transparent smartglass that can frosts over with the flip of a switch and also display personal information, to the apartment owner's specifications, as a capacitive touch display. Each living room opens to a private balcony that overlooks Yamagato Park and a 2,500-square-foot sculpture garden below. The apartments range from about 1,700 to 6,600 square feet, with two to five-bedroom layouts. All of the ceilings will stretch over 10 feet high.

The building also includes an automated 12-car garage. When residents arrive, they notify the garage via a key fob, which automatically opens the door. Residents then drive onto the platform, and a kiosk asks them if they have their keys, bags, pets, and kids. Once everything checks out, the platform lifts the car to its parking spot like an elevator. Doormen and a concierge staff the lobby 24-7. On the lobby level there is also a private spa, fitness center, and 75-foot sky-lit pool. The building also features four elevators that run next to each other in two elevator shafts. Residents hardly ever need to wait, and the elevators will open right into each apartment.

Prices for the apartments range from $4.9 million for a two-bedroom apartment to $50 million for the largest penthouse. Yamagato Industries employees are afforded these apartments, with space suited to their family needs, at no cost. They are currently not available to non-employee residents.

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