Dirty Pool Pub
Owner Unknown Established November 1, 2015
Purpose Bar and Billiards
Status 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

With its scarred and stained concrete floor and mismatched barstools, this is a no-nonsense dive bar and doesn't pretend to be anything but. The only decorating theme seems to be "adhesive," as nearly every square inch of the black-painted walls has been adorned by a sticker, with no particular rhyme or reason.

Along the center wall is the bar itself, long enough to seat perhaps 20 or so patrons. On either side are two pool tables, totaling four. The back wall has a few small tables for those who choose to sit away from the bar itself, but there are no waitresses to bring drinks, so anyone wanting to drink will have to order at the bar before sitting.

Dirty Pool Pub

Additional Info

  • There's no food and no blended/icy drinks here. Simple cocktails can be made, but for the most part, people here drink what's on tap, what's in a can, or what's in a bottle. Sometimes with ice.
  • Order at the bar; there's no cocktail waitresses to bring drinks.
  • The bar is often tended by the owner, who goes by Bruce.
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