Eric Doyle Memorial Children's Library
Owner Public Library Established March 2018
Purpose Books, entertainment, internet access, clubs and classes
Status 8:30am-9pm (Monday-Saturday), 8:30am-5pm (Sunday)

A restored, 19th-century carriage house, this library rests between two much larger buildings. Opened in March of 2018, this Library serves the public. This 2,600 square foot building acts as a learning space for the youth of the New York Safe Zone. The services and books within catering primarily to children and young adults, with classes and clubs to enrich and entertain.

The building is named in honor of Eric Doyle, a Ferryman, who sacrificed his life in a daring raid on the Cambridge Institute facility, where dozens of children were being held.

Eric Doyle Memorial Children's Library

Additional Info

There are daily reading lessons, daily English lessons and weekly ASL lessons for children and young adults.

On the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, the Doyle Library hosts a puppet show, open to all. The puppet shows are often retold fairytales, though the occasional watered-down 'Ferrytale' has slipped in as well.

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