Elmhurst Hospital
Owner Advantahealth International Established Re-Founded; May 2016
Purpose Medical Services
Status 24-hours, daily
Employees Megan Young
Sasha Kozlow
Abigail Caliban
Alexander Knight

Elmhurst Hospital is one of two operational public hospitals servicing the entirety of the NYC Safe Zone. Elmhurst is the most newly reopened hospital and also the shortest staffed and least well supplied. This facility is based out of the run down and still partly condemned Elmhurst Hospital building which was scheduled for demolition prior to the civil war. The newer Elmhurst Hospital, which was supposed to be constructed adjacent to this old campus, was never finished and the infrastructure that was laid before the civil war rapidly deteriorated in the decade since. Elmhurst struggles to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Safe Zone population and is in a constant struggle to balance the needs of its patients and its often too-short supply of essential medication. In spite of this, the hospital was donated a brand new MRI by Yamagato Industries in2018 and are partially supported by recurring charitable donations from the corporation and other sponsors.

Elmhurst Hospital is owned and operated by Advantahealth International, based out of Quebec, Canada. As such the hospital provides medical care incompatible with Yamagato Industries expansive VITAL insurance plans. Since the construction of the Fournier-Bianco Memorial Hospital on Roosevelt Island, Elmhurst Hospital has been further struggling to make financial ends meet and may well be forced into insolvency in the coming years as its capability to provide medical aid flags.

Elmhurst Hospital

Additional Info

VITAL Insurance

Yamagato Industries has, as a part of their American reconstruction contract, created an independent billing system for residents of the Safe Zone that will allow them to receive significant reductions in medical expenses on both procedures performed at the hospital and medicine prescribed by Yamagato Industries physicians. This medical plan (VITAL Insurance, or VI) currently extends to residents of the NYC Safe Zone as well as future residents of any other Yamagato-Industries operated reconstruction settlement (such as the SEA-TAC Safe Zone.)

VITAL Insurance is offered free of charge to Safe Zone residents as a part of their residency package but only applies to Yamagato Industries medical centers. As such, private hospitals not owned by Yamagato Industries (like Elmhurst Hospital) cannot offer the same medical aid prices and therefore provide health to non-residents at significantly higher costs.

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