Ferrymen's Bay
Owner City of New York Established Refounded, May 18, 2015
Purpose Neighborhood
Status Inhabited

Ferrymen's Bay is the center for immigration into the NYC Safe Zone. Formerly known as Jamaica Bay, this region was renamed in honor of the Ferrymen organization and their involvement in the SLC-Expressive rights battles of the last decade.

This coastal neighborhood overlooks the swampy environs of Jamaica Bay. Residences here are an odd assortment of larger tenement buildings with smaller single-family residences and beach-style bungalows the closer to the waterways one gets. Recently, newer constructions have popped up on empty lots, ranging from apartment buildings to small mom-and-pop shops and office buildings representing a growing gentrification of the area. While most residences here sustained foundation damage during the war and flood during spring months, the clean-up efforts of citizens and city alike are beginning to show. The overgrowth of weeds has now been beaten back and rubble has been cleared, except in the most remote corners of the neighborhood.

The southern-most region of Ferrymen's Bay is dedicated to resettlement and immigration offices, bringing new settlers into the city daily. While this neighborhood is often a settler's first look at the Safe Zone, it is not a perfect one. The area is still marred by the scars of the war and years of neglect, but its resilience and regrowth make it a fitting symbol for the newcomers.

Ferrymen's Bay


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