Floyd Bennet Airfield
Owner State of New York Established Re-founded; April 8, 2015
Purpose Public, Private, and Military Air Travel
Status 24-7; daily

Floyd Bennet Airfield is the only operational airport in the NYC Safe Zone. It originally hosted commercial and general aviation traffic, before being used as a naval air station and then decommissioned in the 1980s, after which it was managed by the National Parks Service. Today, Floyd Bennet Airfield is the only means of conveyance for air traffic in and out of New York City. It is often congested with traffic, and scheduled flights take hours to arrive and depart. As the airfield is also utilized by the United States Armed Forces, security on the airfield is extremely tight at all times. Private aircraft are permitted to utilize the airfield, provided they have obtained proper authorization from the state of New York. In particular, the Wolfhound organization is frequently seen flying in and out of Floyd Bennet Airfield.

Floyd Bennet Airfield

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