Flying Fish Casino
Owner Gideon d'Sarthe Established 2015
Purpose Gambling
Status 24 hours/day

The Flying Fish Casino is an illicit gambling den hidden beneath a fishmonger's storefront in the Red Hook Market. Clientele enters through the doors of the storefront, check in with the staff behind a set of plastic curtains, and descend a staircase into the casino itself.

Poker and blackjack are the most popular games at the casino's tables, of which there are many, but the slot machines — which are somehow unaffected by the neighborhood's brown-outs — also attract affluent gamblers looking to have a little bit of fun on the side.

Card games at Flying Fish are high stakes, and the casino upholds a strict black-tie dress code. Armed security guards patrol the floors, but stay out of the back rooms, which are reserved for business dealings, whether with the Triad, or between independent agents.

Some of the casino's clientele includes high-ranking government officials, gangsters, Yamagato employees, criminals — and even members of the NYPD, who have turned a blind eye to the establishment in exchange for gambling credits.

There are decorations of cats everywhere, from the ornate paper lanterns that hang from the ceiling, to ceramic fortune cats incorporated into the decor.

Flying Fish Casino

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