Fort Hero
Owner US Government Established 1942
Purpose Former Secret Facility
Status Ruined

Fort Hero began its life as Montauk Air Force Base, but was repurposed into Fort Hero in 1942 when the facility was converted into a covert research installation. Fort Hero was the last arm of Project Icarus to be held by the US Government. In 1963 the founders of the Company swept Fort Hero and its records under the rug through subversive psychic manipulation among other powers. The site became a Company research facility where the mysteries of the "Evolved" were studied by the brightest minds of their time. This all came crashing down in 2010 when the Commonwealth Institute enacted a violent coup against the Company, slaughtering its Fort Hero personnel and in the process destroying nearly all of the facility. Fort Hero had sat in decay for nearly a decade since. In 2018 a joint SESA fact-finding team ventured into Fort Hero and discovered a sealed laboratory containing heretofore unknown records. SESA has since placed Fort Hero under continuous watch as the facility is carefully re-examined for items of lost historical importance.

Fort Hero

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