Fournier-Bianco Memorial Hospital
Owner Yamagato Industries Established 2020
Purpose Medical Services
Status 24/7
Affiliation Yamagato Industries

The Fournier-Bianco Memorial Hospital is a 10-story state-of-the-art hospital that opened in May of 2020. The 1.2-million-square-foot hospital has 240 private patient rooms spacious enough to accommodate overnight stays for families. The rooms have large windows, flat-screen TVs, reading lights, dual-layer window treatments and a state-of-the-art paging system, all of which not only increase comfort, but also helps to improve treatment outcomes.

The new facility offers 21 spacious operating rooms (ORs) able to accommodate patients with the most complex medical conditions requiring multidisciplinary teams. The spaciousness of these rooms also accommodate more robotic surgical procedures. Of these ORs, 7 are designated “robot rooms,” with new larger robotic systems that allows two surgeons to work simultaneously at separate control consoles.

The facility also houses special areas for cancer, gastrointestinal disease, neuroscience, surgery, and imaging making it the single most advanced hospital in the post-war United States.

The Fournier-Bianco Memorial Hospital owes its name to Lorraine Fournier, an SLC-Expressive medical professional and victim of the Cambridge Massacre that ignited the Second American Civil War and Salvatore Bianco, a cosmetic surgeon and SLC-Expressive who was gunned down by Humanis First in 2009.

Fournier-Bianco Memorial Hospital

Additional Info

VITAL Insurance

Yamagato Industries has, as a part of their American reconstruction contract, created an independent billing system for residents of the Safe Zone that will allow them to receive significant reductions in medical expenses on both procedures performed at the hospital and medicine prescribed by Yamagato Industries physicians. This medical plan (VITAL Insurance, or VI) currently extends to residents of the NYC Safe Zone as well as future residents of any other Yamagato-Industries operated reconstruction settlement (such as the SEA-TAC Safe Zone.)

VITAL Insurance is offered free of charge to Safe Zone residents as a part of their residency package but only applies to Yamagato Industries medical centers. As such, private hospitals not owned by Yamagato Industries (like Elmhurst Hospital) cannot offer the same medical aid prices and therefore provide health to non-residents at significantly higher costs.

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