Grand Ryokan Hotel
Owner Privately Owned Established 2017
Purpose Hospitality Industry
Status 24/7

Situated across from the Yamagato Building, the Grand Ryokan Hotel is an upscale hotel that serves elite business clientele in Yamagato Park. The hotel is a fusion of a traditional Japanese Ryokan, complete with artificial hot springs and Ryokan-style rooms with a fusion of western flair in its nightclub Akari. The hotel is a cutting edge building leveraging a significant investment from Yamagato Industries. The Grand Ryokan Hotel seamlessly and discretely integrates networked electronics in all of its hotel rooms in everything from smart mirrors and televisions to climate control, auto-tinting windows, and voice-activated concierge drone service.

As a term of its partnership with Yamagato Industries, the Grand Ryokan Hotel is provided security in the form of Yamagato Industries Private Security. These discreet enforcers dress in slick high-fashion business wear that is reinforced with low-profile carbon fiber body armor and ballistic nanomaterial fabric weave in their clothing. The Grand Ryokan's high security makes it the nightlife spot in Yamagato Industries for upscale business professionals and those looking to make such connections.

Grand Ryokan Hotel

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