Great Kills Harbor
Owner City of New York Established Founded 1788
Reincorporated 2020
Purpose A discreet place to tie off your boat.
Status Inhabited

Great Kills Harbor is one of the more popular docking points for a southern-most entry into Staten Island. While not exclusive towards the criminal elements that inhabit this island, those that tie their boats off at the docks and roam its beaches tend to be unsavory individuals. The harbor is a body of water that has been almost separated from the ocean beyond thanks to a hook of land, permitting entry via a narrow mouth.

From here, you can see the silhouette of a ruined lighthouse, which no longer shines light. To the west, the ruined suburb of Eltingville Blocks makes for a graveyard homage to the corrupt government presence that used to possess this section of Staten Island.

Great Kills Harbor


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