Herkimer Apartments
Owner Unknown Established 2015 (reestablished)
Purpose Housing
Status Units Available for Rent

Herkimer Apartments is an eight story apartment complex inside the New York Safe Zone's Elmhurst neighborhood. Accessible by a turquoise blue door on the ground floor, the building contains sixty-four two bedroom units, stacked on top of one another. Although there is an elevator in the lobby, it hasn't been used since before the Second Civil War. Residents have to climb the stairs instead.

On rainy days, it isn't uncommon for electricity to short out or for leaks to cause wallpaper to bulge and fill with bubbles of water. The hallways, which are covered in soiled carpet that were once a pristine salmon pink, smell vaguely of mildew and rot even though the building meets the requirements for legal occupancy.

Herkimer's roof is home to a small and humble garden maintained by a handful of the complex's greener-thumbed residents, including a single beehive contained inside a wooden box.

Herkimer Apartments

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