Janus Offshore Drilling Platform
Owner JANUS Corporation Established March 2020
Purpose Offshore Oil Drilling
Status 24/7; Private Business Enterprise

The JANUS Offshore Drilling Platform is a large structure with facilities for well drilling to explore, extract, store, and process petroleum and natural gas that lies in rock formations beneath the seabed. The massive offshore platform also contains residential quarters for its entire operational staff. The platform was rapidly constructed in March of 2020 following a national reallocation of offshore oil potential in an effort to rebuild America's oil reserves. The Virginia coast was chosen due to its proximity to the NYC Safe Zone and the relative uninhabitable state of Virginia posing less risk factors for water-born pollution. As the only major east coast drilling platform in the United States, the JANUS Offshore Drilling Platform is protected by a small fleet of Navy ships to deter piracy.

Janus Offshore Drilling Platform

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