Kit's Cabin
Owner Weasel Established 2019
Purpose Housing for Clara Winters
Status Intact

A bit north of Providence, an old dirt road branches off from the main road; prior to the war, this was a quaint little forest cabain that could be rented out by anyone, from honeymooning couples to hunters. The long road is barely a road, more resembling old unused dirt ruts in the earth. When the trees finally break into a small clearing, the first noticable sign of a human presence is an old barbed wire fence, run down and in need of repair in places. From the gate post hangs a sign that simply states, "The Stinky Farm" painted in black on an old square of plywood.

Further exploration reveals a small, quaint little a-frame cabin with a mossy roof. The interior of this cabin is sparsely decorated, with potted plants mostly making up the decor in the living room, and cushions mostly making up the furniture; a staircase leads up into a small loft with a fur-covered bed in it, with a bookshelf set underneath said stairs. The book selection is varied, some looking old and worn out, while others look newer. There's a small bathroom with a sunken in bathtub and shower, and next to that is a small kitchen with a wood-burning stove. It's certainly minimalist, and whoever resides here prefers to keep their possessions minimal, it seems. Outside of the cabin is a small deck in front, and a larger fenced in deck with a table out back.

Further out in the clearing is a small variety of shelters — an old tool shed is nestled into the tree line, containing tools for building and gardening. Near that is a crudely built firewood shelter, an axe resting in a heavy tree trunk nearby for adding to the pile. In the winter, the wood supply fluctuates, but it tends to grow in the summer. And a bit further from the cabin is an old picnic shelter of sorts that has been repurposed. A grill is built in to a stone wall, and thick beams support the mossy roof above; however, most of interest is the bar that hangs from the ceiling by thick chains. The dirt floor below is stained with what can only be blood. Several small wooden frames are also able to be found; often, small animal pelts can be found, stretched out to dry properly. It also seems that whoever has taken up residence here has several projects in the works.

Kit's Cabin

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