LaGuardia Airport
Owner City of New York Established Refounded, 2020
Purpose Public Transportation
Status 24/7

LaGuardia Airport is the first international airport to be constructed in the New York City Safe Zone since its inception. It is built on the grounds of the original LaGuardia Airport in what is now known as Jackson Heights. On a functional scale, LaGuardia is a smaller-sized international airport and only services a handful of flights to nations with friendly relationships to the United States. Primarily, LaGuardia serves national flights across most of the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii. LaGuardia has two active terminals (A and B) and two terminals under construction, planned for completion in 2022 (C and D) connected by buses and walkways.

Terminal A, known as the Marine Air Terminal (MAT), is airport's terminal for overseas flights. A great mural lies within this terminal, depicting a split historic image of immigrants arriving via boat to Ellis Island painted in black and white, and a color mural below it depicting the Ferrymen secretly moving SLC-Expresives out of New York City under the cover of night. The mural, titled Your Huddled Masses, was painted in April of 2020 by local New York artist Lidia McDonald and honors New York City's resilience and its historic struggles.

Terminal B, known as the Central Terminal Building (CTB), serves most of LaGuardia's airlines. It is six blocks long, consisting of a four-story central section, two three-story wings and four concourses (A, B, C, and D) with 40 aircraft gates.

Terminal C and D were destroyed in the Second American Civil War and are still in stages of reconstruction.

Although there is no separate terminal building for general aviation aircraft a pseudo-terminal is operated within the Marine Air Terminal (Terminal A), which is currently run by Sheltair Aviation providing full FBO services to private and charter aircraft owners-pilots including 100LL and Jet A fueling, computerized weather and flight planning as well as pilot and passenger lounges. To access the General Aviation terminal an on-airport tenant must possess a SIDA (Security Identification Display Area) badge for unescorted access, transient aircraft owners-pilots and passengers must be escorted at all times into and out of the GA Terminal and to the ramp and hangar areas by the FBO staff.

Pilots operating a non-scheduled IFR flight are now required to make a reservation via the FAA's e-CVRS system no more than 72 hours prior to the flight's arrival or departure while public charter flights may make a reservation up to six months prior. Unscheduled IFR flights may only operate at LaGuardia with a reservation from the hours of 6:00 am to 9:59 pm local time Monday thru Friday and 12:00 pm to 9:59 pm local time on Sundays. Reservations for unscheduled IFR flights are not required all day on Saturdays. Aircraft without a reservation will be redirected to Floyd Bennet Airfield.

LaGuardia Airport

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Commercial Airlines Operating at LaGuardia

  • Jetstar Airways (International)
  • Republic Airways (servicing the Northern US)
  • Envoy Air (servicing Southern and Midwest US)
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