Lexi Ln.
Owner Lexington Lane Established January 2019

Lexi Ln. is a square city block of the rookery on Staten Island devoted to entertainment and distraction. You know when you arrive, as there is a sign posted— a scavenged road sign— that reads:

Welcome to Lexi Ln.

Status Always open

Entertainment available:

  • The Felt: A billiards hall (beer available)
  • The BrewHa: A bar/nightclub (basic menu available. Fries, sandwiches, pretzels, like that)
  • Risky Business: A small casino (mostly poker, blackjack, roulette and the like, no games that rely on electricity)

The trio of buildings are still rundown and constantly undergoing some sort of repair. Running counter to this is the fact that they are always lively, like no one within seems to care if it's day or night. Drugs are always for sale here, in all three locations. Cocaine and weed are the most often and readily available. More exotic requests take time and are costly.

Lexi Ln.

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