Liberty Island Detention Center
Owner US Federal Government Established Refounded; November 8, 2014
Purpose High-Security Federal Detention Center
Status Presently Non-Operational
Affiliation Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Department of Justice

The Liberty Island Detention Center is a high-security federal penitentiary constructed in 2014 to house indicted war criminals in the wake of the Second American Civil War. The location was chosen as a symbolic representation of the death of the concept of liberty under President Mitchell's administration and the destruction of the Statue of Liberty during the civil war. The facility is a primarily subterranean structure built into the pedestal of the former Statue of Liberty and maintenance tunnels beneath Liberty Island, surrounded by a 20 foot high concrete wall with a double gate entrance. Travel on and off the island is prohibited, except for federal agents with express clearance to go on and off the island. The exact number of holding cells and the nature of security on the island is unknown to the general public. Since December 2019 the prison facility is no longer utilized and the Department of Homeland Security keeps only a skeleton crew active on-site.

Liberty Island Detention Center

Additional Info

  • On November 8, 2017, the Liberty Island facility was attacked by Wolfhound operative Colette Demsky, and nine federal agents were killed or injured. This incident was not made public as it is a part of an ongoing investigation, and knowledge of the attack is currently on a need-to-know basis. Public record notes a security breach on the island that was resolved without further issue. Families of the deceased agents were made aware that an attack happened, but were not further informed as to the nature of the incident and are held to a binding nondisclosure agreement until the investigation has concluded.
  • On December 26, 2019 the facility was attacked again by presently-unknown terrorist operatives.

Current Detainees

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