Liberty Park Exclusion Zone
Owner US Government, State of New Jersey Established 2021
Purpose Fungus-Filled Forest
Status Restricted

The Liberty Park Exclusion Zone is a forest of superfungal growths ranging from 50 to 200 feet in height. The forest is a densely-packed stand of here-to-fore unknown extremophilic fungi. Current research indicates that the fungus are hybridizations of numerous local land and sea fungi. The point of origin of the forest was Liberty Park, during the 2021 Ohio River Fire and was created by agrokineticists Rene Dumortier and Ali Underwood as an attempt as creating a natural fire-break. The fungus proved vital in the defeat of Pure Earth insurgents attempting to gain access to the NYC Safe Zone through New Jersey.

The forest current stands at one quarter mile in circumference and is projected to expand at a rate of one quarter mile per year. Presently there is no plan to remove the forest and biologists are actively studying the area attempting to identify useful scientific applications of the heat and light-resistant fungal matter.

Unauthorized personnel are not permitted within the forest's perimeter and authorized personnel are required to wear respirator masks and face shields to protect themselves at all times.

Liberty Park Exclusion Zone


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