Little Darlings
Owner N.L. Miller Established 2015
Purpose Strip Club
Status Open 7 days a week, 6pm - 2am Closed for Renovations
Employees Bartenders, Bouncers, Dancers, Musicians and DJs — Now Hiring, Apply Within

Little Darlings has a reputation for being loud and bright and clean, but in reality is only two of those things. Alternating pink and violet lights lend the strip club a moody glow, and are interspersed with cascading coils of glittering fiber optics that wind and snake their way through the room like luminescent vines. A tree-shaped sculpture sits at the business' center and glows a deep, dark indigo that pulses with the beat of the music playing over the club's speaker system.

There are several stages built off the cool cement floor, each of which is surrounded by a variety of seating arrangements covered in equally diverse types of fabric, from crushed black velvet to faux eel skin. No one can say that Little Darlings doesn't appeal to at least the senses of sight and touch.

The bathrooms, on the other hand, are a different story. Sputtering florescent lights illuminate a serious mold problem, and a sickly floral smell permeates the air in a feeble attempt to cover the thin sewage fumes wafting up from urinals in the men's room. Graffiti covers the walls and the interiors of the stalls, to the point that the staff have given up trying to clean it and have embraced it as a permanent, endearing part of the establishment.

Little Darlings

Additional Info

As of September 2020, Little Darlings has temporary ceased operations in order to accommodate remodeling as desired by new management.

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