Miller Airfield
Owner City of New York
91 Military Police Battalion
Established Reincorporated 2019
Purpose Military Airbase
Status 24/7

Stretching inland from Staten's eastern shore is Miller Field. Its western expanse is little more than a grassy field, mowed flat and then freshly chalked. Broad lanes course their way down the field in perfect symmetry. Toward the more southern border lie other, far thinner lanes and four broad circles over forty feet in diameter. All of these chalk lanes, lead eastward back toward the shore and an assemblage of structures and freshly paved runways destroying any natural splendor that once grew here.

The old hangars on Miller Airfield were destroyed during the civil war and what remained of them were razed to the ground by the 91st Military Police Battalion before construction of the new tarmac for Miller Airfield was laid. Now, temporary hangars provide shelter for a handful of A-10 Thunderbolts and other older military aircraft. Miller Airfield has become a forward operating base for the "occupation" of Staten Island and its forcible reintegration into the city of New York. Roughly 500 members of the United States Army serve as military police here, attempting to crack down on violent, organized crime on Staten Island and defend civil engineers and contractors working to rebuild.

Miller Airfield

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In 2009 Miller Field was occupied by Fedor Ibragimov and the company Chicago Air. Following a ploy by the United States Government, Chicago Air folded when Fedor abandoned his cover identity and went into hiding, and Miller Field was reclaimed by the United States Government to utilize as part of the Staten Island reclamation initiative through 2011.

At the request of Sibyl Black, Alister Black purchased the land of Miller Field, but after Sibyl was no longer around to give him tactical financial insights, Alister leaps at an opportunity to sell the field to the US Government to be used as a staging ground for the 91st Military Police Battalion. Sibyl's plans for the field were lost, and history repeats itself.

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