Narrioch Island
Owner City of New York Established 2020
Purpose Amusement Park, Entertainment

12PM - 12AM Monday through Saturday

Narrioch Island has arisen in the shadow of the old Coney Island, renamed for the traditional Lenape term for the land itself. Astride the boardwalk of Brighton Beach and the sleek footprint of the Mellen Aquarium, Narrioch Island has adopted a similar purpose of providing the nostalgic entertainment of a carnival cemented within reach. At evening and dark the sunset collides with water and the warm lights among the attractions.

The energy to run the park is independent from the Brighton Beach grid, a mixture of solar and electric. Solar panels blend into the tops of buildings and rides, matte and unobtrusive. A permanent midway unfurls down the center of the island, with games of chance, snack bars, tiny shops, and small attractions such as variety shows— sometimes given a spark by SLC-Expressive actors — and at least one fortune teller.

Rides echo the sounds of laughter and squeals through the air, accompanied with the click-clack of track and bearing. The offerings are on the traditional end, festival fare rather than corporate park. A beautifully crafted carousel is central to the midway, glowing and colorful; its largest partner rises up into the sky, a Ferris wheel of softly swaying seats and twinkling lights. Smaller rides include an electric bumper car rink, a pendulum ride shaped like a pudgy blue dragon, a tilt-a-whirl of teacups, an open-topped gravitron, and a set of gently spinning swings over the water.

Narrioch Island

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