Neutral Grounds
Owner Unknown Established 2015
Purpose Coffee, clandestine encounters
Status Open daily, 7am - 8pm

Neutral Grounds.

The name of this dank, dingy coffee shop squatting on a bare fringe of civilization is either grimacingly awful or quite clever, depending on who one asks. Halfway between a dive and a literal hole in the wall, the little establishment shelters just beyond the far eastern shadow of the Safe Zone like a beetle bravely darkening one tiny corner of a spreading canvas. The view out the bars of the front door is one of collapsed concrete, of the last corners of razor-wire fencing wrapped generously around this particular stretch of the border. Beyond: an abrupt cessation of any remaining presence, or pretense, of law. And ruins, of course. An unbroken landscape of them.

But inside the cramped confines: the perfect rendezvous site for those uninterested, or unable, to pass through the requisite checkpoints into the Safe Zone proper. No ID is needed for the luxury of meeting here under entirely casual yet covert circumstances, and to those with a good reason to make use of the premises, Neutral Grounds had become thoroughly familiar as exactly that.

Nobody really comes here for the coffee.

Neutral Grounds

Additional Info

  • Neutral Grounds technically sits right on the official delineation between eastern Phoenix Heights and the ruins of Queens, slightly closer to the Phoenix Heights side.
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