New York City
Owner US Federal Government / Yamagato Industries Established 1624
Purpose City
Status Partially Inhabited

New York City saw considerable collateral damage, beginning with the November 8, 2006 nuclear explosion in Midtown Manhattan followed by the November 8, 2011 nuclear explosion and EMP and the ensuing riots that led up to the Second American Civil War. Nearly all of New York City lies in ruins, save for a recently constructed Safe Zone intended to be the center of reconstruction and re-population in the region. The other boroughs of New York City are in varying states of decay and devastation and are partially populated by people who refuse to relocate to the Safe Zone for personal or ideological reasons. There is little to no presence of law enforcement of any kind in these ruins and they are illegal to reside in, though it is difficult to enforce due to significant limitations in law enforcement resources.

New York City


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