Nuojin He Jia
Owner d'Sarthe Group Established 2015
Purpose Business front for criminal activity
Status Tuesday—Thursday: 1pm to 8pm
Friday: Noon to 9pm
Saturday: 3pm to 9pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Affiliation d'Sarthe Group

Nuojin He Jia is a business perched on the east coast of the Rookery, both a Cantonese restaurant and a launderer — of both money and linens — that operates off of a biofuel generator powered by waste oil from the restaurant. Nuojin He Jia buys food from local vendors, including the black market South Bronx Food Supply Co. The food prices at Nuijin He Jia are low, considering the high markup on prepared food and national inflation levels.

The storefront can be found crammed in a narrow coastal alley in the Rookery between several other businesses running off of Nuojin's generator at alternating hours. Street food is sold from a kiosk at the front of the store, and the entrance to the attached laundromat is side-by-side with the restaurant entrance and both businesses operate on the same hours.

The rear loading dock area of Nuojin's is strictly employees only and is both the kitchen and storage area for shipments coming and going. It was an open secret on Staten Island that the restaurant was owned by the Ghost Shadows triad and is the primary distribution hub for cocaine and secondary distribution hub for refrain. Following the collapse of the Ghost Shadows, elements of the d'Sarthe Group moved in and put down stakes, allowing the restaurant to continue to run its business while funneling profits to its new "benefactors."

Nuojin He Jia

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