Park Slope
Owner City of New York Established Refounded; September 2015
Purpose Neighborhood
Status Protected Green Space

Park Slope is a narrow stretch of the Safe Zone that has been designated as a protected green space by the city. A taste of wilderness, the area is all but overrun with plant life left to grow and spread of its own accord. Several vine-covered ruins remain, although the most dangerous of them have now been removed, to keep the look of that untamed spread of nature. Local agrokinetics work with the city in maintaining this area and keeping it healthy… and contained. Human population that once dwelled off grid here has been widely scared off by the new attention that comes with the city working to reclaim it. While some have gone to find new places to go to ground in, some have stayed in a more official capacity to help care for the place. Others, although no one is sure how many, have simply become better at hiding away in the ample plant life. They're joined now, though, by new wildlife in the form of deer, birds and coyotes, all of which have become bolder as the human population has started to dwindle. But for the brave and the curious, there are a few marked paths that wind through the better known parts of Park Slope, steering visitors toward the beauties of nature and away from its dangers — as much as can be done in such a place.

Park Slope


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