Phoenix Heights
Owner City of New York Established Refounded; May 7, 2015
Purpose Neighborhood
Status Inhabited

Phoenix Heights is the single largest residential neighborhood in the Safe Zone, sprawling more than six miles east to west through the city, but is also the least-dense in population. The neighborhood comprises many once-smaller districts, collectively renamed in memorial to the freedom-fighting organization Phoenix that prevented a biological weapon attack on New York City in 2009, an event that went widely unknown for nearly a decade. Now as the residential heart of the Safe Zone, the area has formed into unofficial cultural hubs once again, mostly marked by the small, mom-and-pop style stores and restaurants dotting the neighborhood corners. There is a haphazard feel to the district, with homes and businesses bumping up against each other at random. Apartment buildings can be found nestled in the middle of shopping centers, small bodegas on the bottom floors of offices, city parks feeding directly into malls and homes alike. And while the power grid in the area has been repaired, there are still buildings in obvious need of construction. Those, too, seem to be randomly sprinkled through the neighborhood, just frequent enough that no one here can quite forget that they're still very much in recovery.

Phoenix Heights


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