Pine Barrens
Owner None Established N/A
Purpose Wilderness adjacent to New York City
Status Sparsely inhabited

The Pine Barrens, also known as the Pinelands or simply the Pines, is a heavily forested area of coastal plain stretching across what was once New Jersey. In the years since the Second American Civil War, it has become a safehaven for both the unwanted elements of the country's recovering society as well as those who have lost faith in the government and refuse to settle inside New York's Safe Zone.

Overgrown roads connect decayed ghost towns and newer settlements populated by entrepreneurial spirits, many of them Amish, some of whom waited out the war amidst the squat trees and in open, rolling fields dominated by grasses and low shrubs. Multiple rivers and streams feed larger ponds, small lakes, and other bodies of fresh water, allowing for people to live and — in spite of the unforgiving soil — farm the land, which is yet to be reclaimed by the reformed U.S. government.

Pine Barrens


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Known to Most

  • Wild horses roam the Pine Barren's scrublands, and are just one of the many different varieties of wildlife that can be found in the Pine Barrens, including wolves, deer, and a plethora of migratory birds, which are shot for by the forest's inhabitants for food and for sport.
  • The Pines are also home to a large population of Amish people who frequently venture into the Safe Zone to do business at the Red Hook Market on a weekly basis.
  • Wildfires are a frequent visitor to the region.

Known to Some

  • One of the larger settlements inside the Pine Barrens is a town of roughly 500 people, called Providence.

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